· The First Lesson after Resuming School! From "Red Fingerprint" to "Trumping Group", What Did the Director Say? 2020/05/19 
· Message From Liang Guiyou, Secretary of the CPC GMU Committee, to All GMU Students on Youth Day 2020/05/04 
· Guizhou Medical University Welcomes the First Batch of Returning Students Today 2020/04/28 
· Warmly Welcome the Warriors of Guizhou Medical University Back Home 2020/04/09 
· Our University has Received a Silk Banner from the CPC Ezhou Municipal Committee and the Municipal Government 2020/04/06 

· After Travelling Thousands of Miles to Carry Out Assistance, the Heroes of Guizhou Medical University Came Home in Triumph 2020/03/26 
· “Iron Man” Liang Guiyou: Has Bravely Charged at the Front Line in Support of Ezhou City 2020/03/25 
· President Luo Peng Teaches Students the Lesson on the Situation and Policy of Fighting Against COVID-19 2020/03/03 
· Special Gathering on a Long-lost Class -- First Day of Online Course of Guizhou Medical University 2020/03/03 
· [Report from Guizhou Assistance Medical Team] Efficient in Both Brainy and Brawny Activities! “Logistics Iron Man” of Guizhou Assistance Medical Team 2020/03/01 

· CCTV's Program LIVE NEWS Interviewed Secretary Liang Guiyou and Doctor Mu Mao 2020/02/28 
· [Medical Staff of Guizhou Medical University in Ezhou] Liang Guiyou: The Following Six Aspects Will Help Improve Cure Rate and Lower Death Rate 2020/02/25 
· [Guizhou Medical University Undertakes Its Missions] Hospitals In Guizhou Province Worked Together to Make All-out Efforts to Combat the Pandemic 2020/02/11 
· [Guizhou Medical University Undertakes Its Missions] Rush to Rally 200 Warriors from Guizhou Medical University Went to Ezhou Overnight 2020/02/11 
· [Guizhou Medical University Undertakes Its Missions] Handover of “Battle Flag” on the Lantern Festival—The Management Team of Our University Took over the Guizhou Provincial Staff Hospital to Carry out Pandemic Prevention and Control 2020/02/08 
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