· Demonstration Meeting about First-class Discipline Construction Plan Held by Guizhou Medical University 2017/11/24 
· Guizhou Medical University 80th Anniversary (File No.1) 2017/11/24 
· Delegation of Luo Zeer, France Visits GMU 2017/11/15 
· Taiwan Entrepreneurs Visit the School Institutes of Health Science of GMU 2017/11/08 
· Young Teachers' Union from CAMS and PUMC Bring Assitance and Guidance to GMU 2017/10/26 

· A Touch of Elegant Art--Shaanxi operaXijing StoryPerformed in Guizhou Medical University 2017/10/16 
· Students Have Good Performances in the 13th National Games 2017/09/30 
· The affiliated stomatological hospital of Guizhou Medical University held a large charity oral clinic on the national tooth day 2017/09/21 
· The Activity of 2017 Expert Group Offering Medical and Health Assistance to Guizhou Opens 2017/09/07 
· New Voyage, Sails for Dream----Welcome New Students of 2017 2017/08/22 

· Congratulations for the Remarkable Feat in 2017 Programs of China Scholarship Council (CSC) 2017/08/20 
· The Opening Ceremony of National Rock Climbing and Skateboard Training (Guizhou) Holds in Guizhou Medical University 2017/08/19 
· Virtual of a great physician, the same origin, the grass-roots service social practice GMU work together with Peking Union Medical College to carry out the summer social practice of college students 2017/08/09 
· The Opening Ceremony of the Key Research Laboratory of Adult Stem Cell Transformation of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Held in GMU 2017/07/29 
· The University of Auckland Delegation from the United States Visited Our University for Communication 2017/06/28 
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