Courses of the University Listed in the First Batch of National First-Class Undergraduate Courses

     According to the requirements set forth in the Opinions of the Ministry of Education on the Construction of First-Class Undergraduate Courses, the Notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Education on Identification of National Offline, Mixed and Social Practice First-Class Undergraduate Courses in 2019 issued by the provincial department of education, the University has actively organized the application. On October 31, the Ministry of Education announced the identification results of the first batch of national first-class undergraduate courses. The two courses submitted by the University namely the Virtual Simulation Comprehensive Experiment of Basic Medicine Based on the Cultivation of Scientific Research Thinking (Zeng Zhu, Wu Ning, Kang Yingqian, Wu Zunqiu and Xiu Jiangfan) and the Human Anatomy (Sun Baofei, Yu Zijiang, Ge Guo, Yu Yan and Luo Shipeng) were selected, representing a major breakthrough in the University's curriculum construction.

     The first batch of national first-class undergraduate courses are of high quality, wide range of sharing, good application effect and strong demonstration effect, representing the highest level of current undergraduate courses in China. The Office of Academic Affairs carefully organized the application and recommendation, organized qualified course leaders to hold systematic training and experience exchange meetings for the construction of teachers' courses for many times, discussed the application requirements of national first-class undergraduate courses, guided and tracked the whole process of the application work, so as to ensure the success of application, laying a solid foundation for continuously improving the level of first-class course construction.

     In recent years, the University has continuously strengthened the construction of first-class undergraduate courses. By deeply promoting the principle of student-centered course construction and advocating the deep integration of information technology and education and teaching, it has effectively promoted teachers' active exploration and innovative practice of course reform. Through the cultivation of university-level course construction projects and the application for provincial first-class course construction projects, the University has constructed 17 online open courses with characteristics, innovation, demonstration, sharing and wide application, and set up 35 university-level first-class undergraduate courses. In the process of applying for the national and provincial first-class undergraduate courses, the University attached great importance to the application and invited experts from inside and outside the University to form a panel to carefully review and score the project application materials and defenses according to the requirements of the projects. After the examination by the University, 18 courses were recommended to the provincial department of education, of which 8 courses were recommended by the provincial department of education to apply for the national first-class undergraduate courses.

     In the future, the University will continue to implement the important exposition of General Secretary Xi Jinping on education and the spirit of the national and provincial education conference, and wage early deployment, early planning and early launch according to the relevant documents of the Ministry of Education and the provincial department of education, in order to create first-class courses meticulously.