The University Approved for the First Sino-Foreign Cooperative Undergraduate Education Program

     Recently, the undergraduate education program of pharmacy in cooperation between the University and University of Athens in Greece was officially approved by the Ministry of Education. The successful approval of the program has achieved a historic breakthrough in the undergraduate program of Sino-foreign cooperation in education. This is a good beginning for the University to respond to the Belt and Road strategy, adhere to the open-up school running, and actively expand the exchange and cooperation with universities in the countries along Belt and Road from education and science and technology.

     Sino-foreign cooperation in education is one of the evaluation indicators of the  internationalization development of a university, and also one of the important paths to learn from overseas advanced education concepts and international talent training modes, introduce the curriculum system of advantageous disciplines in foreign universities, and introduce the teacher resources of core cooperative universities. Holding a Sino-foreign cooperative education program is included in the 13th five-year plan for international exchange and cooperation of the University. In recent years, under the leadership of the Party committee of the University, the responsible leaders the University have personally participated in the work, from the selection of and colleges and universities for cooperation program, the way and content of cooperation, the reception of the representatives of counterpart universities, to the working team of the University. They have led the International Department, School of Pharmacy, the Office of Academic Affairs and other relevant departments to conduct many discussions and demonstrations, laying a solid foundation for the successful approval of the program.

     The successful approval of the program is of great significance to further strengthen the discipline construction of the University, build a professional talent cultivation system with international vision, improve the international level of the University's education, and provide assistance to the construction of "double first-class" of the University.

     Founded in 1837, the counterpart University of Athens is the largest national institution of higher education in Greece and one of the largest universities in Europe. In 2018, its QS World University ranking was within 651-700, and its pharmacy major was ranked 101st-150th. The School of Pharmacy of University of Athens has accumulated rich personnel training experience in the fields of pharmaceutical chemistry, pharmacognosy and chemistry of natural products, clinical pharmacy and industrial pharmaceutics, and has a relatively mature undergraduate, master and doctoral training system. Library of University of Athens.