The Summer Social Practice Team from the University's School of Basic Medicine Wins the Title of "National Outstanding Social Practice Team"

     Recently, the Central Committee of the Communist Youth League issued a notice of praise to the outstanding teams who have performed well in the summer social practice activities of "culture, science and technology, and hygiene going to the countryside" for national college and technical secondary school students in 2020. The volunteer service team "Wei Wei Shan Guang" from the University's School of Basic Medicine won the title of "national outstanding social practice team".

     The volunteer service team "Wei Wei Shan Guang" from School of Basic Medicine adheres to the tenet of "receiving education, developing skills and making contributions" of college students' social practice, sticks to the concept of "base on the major, serve the employment and help the entrepreneurship" of college students' social practice, guide and educate young students to truly feel the great achievements of poverty alleviation in Guizhou Province, and enhance their sense of responsibility and mission in strengthening volunteer service, so as to take practical actions to win the fight against poverty, devote themselves to the implementation of the rural revitalization strategy, and be a new person of the times to shoulder the responsibility of national rejuvenation.

     In the special period of COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control, the team adopted the combination of online and offline ways to explore and innovate the new mode of "Internet + social practice". With the principle of "proximity, territorial practice and decentralized practice", the team guided students to refuse to gather or move across regions and conducted support education in the form of "cloud team" and "cloud research", providing online academic guidance and psychological counseling for more than 30 students with learning difficulties, and helping children in mountainous areas make up for their deficiencies in learning during the vacation. The support education team prepared lessons carefully, made detailed teaching schemes according to the students' specific conditions, taught students in accordance with their aptitude, and conducted online and offline counseling in the form of "one-to-one" personalization. In addition, special collective courses such as "growing up all the way", "medical science popularization" and "subject question answering" were prepared to effectively contribute to children's growth and convey hope and warmth.

     During the summer vacation, the volunteer service team "Wei Wei Shan Guang" from the School of Basic Medicine deeply looked into the red ballads and revolutionary stories in their hometown, sorted out typical old stories, old ballads, old photos, old objects and old documents, and publicize the revolutionary spirit through micro videos.

     The team's practices have achieved good results, and received great response and attention from the media. Guizhou Daily, Tianyan News and other media have publicized and reported the team.