The 2020 Academic Committee Meeting of the Key Laboratory of Environmental Pollution and Disease Control Education Department Held

     On October 24, the 2020 Academic Committee meeting of the Key Laboratory of Environmental Pollution and Disease Control Education Department of Guizhou Medical University (hereinafter referred to as the Key Laboratory) was held in the conference room on the sixth floor of Boya Building, Southern Campus of Guizhou Medical University. The meeting was held combining online form and offline form. Professor Sun Dianjun of Harbin Medical University, Professor Cao Jia of Army Medical University, Professor Chen Wen of Sun Yat-sen University, Professor Guo Xiong of Xi'an Jiaotong University, Professor Zhang Yonghong of Suzhou University, Professor Qu Weidong of Fudan University, Professor Ma Aiguo of Qingdao University and Professor Zhang Zhengdong of Nanjing Medical University attended the meeting online. Professor Feng Xinbin of the Institute of Geochemistry of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Professor Liang Guiyou, Professor Luo Peng, Professor Lin Changhu and other members of the Academic Committee of Guizhou Medical University attended the meeting offline. More than 30 major academic backbones of the Key Laboratory including Professor Zhang Aihua, director of the Key Laboratory attended the meeting offline. The first stage of the meeting was presided over by Zeng Zhu, deputy director of the University's Laboratory Management Committee and vice president of the University, who introduced various leaders and Academic Committee experts attending the meeting online and offline.

     On behalf of the University, Liang Guiyou, secretary of the Party committee of the University, extended a warm welcome to all the experts for their participation and guidance during their busy schedule, and sincere thanks to all of them for their long-term support and help in the construction and development of the Key Laboratory, and wished all the experts to give more guidance and suggestions on the development direction and existing problems of the Key Laboratory.

     Entrusted by academician Liao Wanqing, chairman of the Academic Committee, Professor Sun Dianjun, vice chairman of the Academic Committee, presided over the meeting. Academician Liao Wanqing and academician Song Baoan reviewed the working materials of the Key Laboratory in 2020 in advance and put forward their opinions and suggestions. Academician Liao made a speech through video. He highly affirmed the work and achievements of the laboratory in 2020, and put forward requirements and suggestions for the further development of the laboratory.

     Zhang Aihua, on behalf of the Key Laboratory, made a report to the Academic Committee from seven aspects, including the basic situation of the laboratory, research characteristics and directions, annual research progress, team building and talent cultivation, academic exchange and cooperation, and opening and management. The committee members listened to the report carefully, reviewed relevant materials, and questioned about relevant issues. They also fully affirmed that the supporting units had attached great importance to and supported the development of the Key Laboratory and the achievements of the laboratory in the year. The committee members unanimously agreed that the overall positioning of the Key Laboratory is accurate, its regional characteristics are distinct, its research direction is in line with the needs for regional disease prevention and control and economic and social development, and its development trend is prominent. Its annual scientific research has made remarkable progress, and its discipline construction and talent cultivation have achieved remarkable results. Finally, the members put forward valuable guiding opinions on the next work plan and optimized development of the Key Laboratory, and suggested that more powerful measures should be taken to introduce and cultivate leading and high-level talents from the level of Guizhou Province and the University, and that units shall be relied on to further promote interdisciplinary integration, collaborative innovation, so as to drive the growth of laboratory talents and breed characteristic achievements.

     President Luo Peng made a statement on behalf of the University. He first extended thanks to all committee members for their long-term support and assistance for the Key Laboratory, and to all experts for their constructive opinions and suggestions on the development of the laboratory. He also mentioned that the University would further strengthen the introduction and training of high-level talents, further facilitate the exchange and cooperation of the laboratory at home and abroad, and further promote discipline integration and collaborative innovation. At last, he required the Key Laboratory to seriously implement the targeted opinions and suggestions put forward by members, further highlight the regional characteristics, refine the research content, and ensure the smooth passing in the evaluation by the Ministry of Education.