Reform and Development of Online Education for Nursing Majors-School of Nursing Invited Professor Sun Hongyu from Peking University to Conduct the Cloud Lecture

In order to improve the quality of online teaching and promote the development of scientific research in the college. On May 19, The School of Nursing specially invited Sun Hongyu, Secretary General of the Teaching Instruction Committee of Nursing Major in Higher Education Institutions of the Ministry of Education and Professor of the School of Nursing of Peking University, to make a wonderful report on Tencent Conference Platform for more than 140 staff, graduate students, nursing colleagues in relevant affiliated hospitals and teaching hospitals of our school under the topic of Reform and Development of Online Education for Nursing Majors. Yang Ying, Secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Nursing presided over the conference.

Professor Sun Hongyu combined with the practice fighting against the pandemic of nursing major education, cited a large number of research data and excellent cases, explained the background, implementation, difficulties and problems, safeguard measures, excellent cases, future direction and other contents of the current online education for nursing majors, and carefully integrated the profound theoretical foundation, systematic knowledge framework, keen academic vision and exquisite humanistic care into the lecture, which was well received by the participants. Everyone was enthusiastic, actively interacting with Professor Sun Hongyu.

Finally, Professor Sun Hongyu, in combination with the bright prospect of online education for nursing major, suggested that the participants should carefully prepare, boldly try and make great efforts to make new contributions to the reform and development of online education for nursing major.