Academician Wang Chen Met with Professor Liang Guiyou, Secretary of the CPC GMU Committee, and His colleagues, and Had a Discussion with Them on the Work of Building the "Union Class"

A wonderful September in autumn! In order to further well run "Union Class", the cooperation fruit among the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Peking Union Medical College and Guizhou Medical University, on September 9, Academician Wang Chen, President of Peking Union Medical College and Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, met with Professor Liang Guiyou, Secretary of the CPC GMU Committee, and his colleagues. A symposium was held in conference room 3, building 3, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. Wu Peixin, Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice President of Peking Union Medical College of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Zhang Qin, Vice President of Peking Union Medical College, Luo Peng, Deputy Secretary of the CPC GMU Committee, and Li Haiyang, member of the Party Committee, President of the Affiliated Hospital and Dean of School of Clinical Medicine, attended the symposium.

At the symposium, Liang Guiyou extended his sincere thanks to the care, support and efforts paid by Peking Union Medical College of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences for the "Union Class" held by the University! He introduced the operation of the first "Union Class" and pointed out that under the with support and guidance of leaders from Peking Union Medical College of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and the relevant departments, the comprehensive quality, mental outlook and professional results of the students have been excellent, demonstrating the good running of the first "Union Class". This year, the enrollment quality of "Union Class" has made a breakthrough on the basis of last year's top ranking in Guizhou. There were 38 students with over 600 points in the whole province. Among them, 30 have been enrolled by GMU, including 29 students in the "Union Class", with the highest score of 633 points and the lowest score of 599 points, which reached the historical record of the first high-score class in Guizhou last year. Although the enrollment stressed us a lot this year, it also enhanced our sense of responsibility and mission, and our confidence in running the "Union Class". Liang Guiyou invited the leaders from Peking Union Medical College of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences to attend the opening ceremony and class opening ceremony of GMU, invited Academician Wang Chen to give a "academician lecture", and earnestly requested him to provide further assistance and support for the construction of "Union Class" and "Union Square".

Luo Peng introduced in detail the operation of the first "Union Class", and requested Peking Union Medical College of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences to continue to appoint the honorary head teacher for the second "Union Class", invite various college and university leaders to attend the class opening ceremony, keep accepting our teachers and students to wage further study in Union Medical College, keep accepting undergraduate students recommended by GMU for postgraduate education, support GMU to apply to the Ministry of Education for the establishment of "5 + 3" integrated talent training in clinical medicine, and asked Peking Union Medical College to approve the use of elements of Union Medical College in the design and other matters of Union Square.

Li Haiyang pointed out that, in order to better inherit the spirit and culture of Union Medical College, he, in his capacity as the Dean of School of Clinical Medicine, earnestly agreed to send clinical teaching doctors to Union Medical College for further study.

Academician Wang Chen conducted in-depth analysis and interpretation on the "Union Class", "outstanding talent enrollment", "high-quality teaching" and "strict management of dropping out", and pointed out that the "outstanding talent enrollment" refers to the specific measures adopted by both universities for obvious effects; the "high-quality teaching" refers to upholding advanced modern education concepts, sending students to Harvard Medical School and other first-class foreign universities to learn advanced concepts and knowledge, broadening international vision, strengthening the standardized training of resident physicians in the "Union Class" by affiliated hospitals and transferring the students who are not good at and not interested in learning medicine to ordinary classes; "strict management of dropping out" means the concept of "strict management equals to deep love" shall be reflected, the "education on virtue, socialist core values, attitudes, and bright future" shall be conducted well in silence, a dynamic adjustment mechanism shall be carried out to prevent the "high infiltration" phenomenon in the "Union Class", and a leading role shall be played in front of all students; The "Union Square" can be named first, then given shape, and be designed and constructed at last. Finally, Academician Wang Chen pointed out that, Guizhou Medical University should focus on the great undertakings of medicine and health in the whole province to wage running of it. It should base itself on Guizhou, look at the world, develop its own characteristics, so as to lead the development of higher medical education in Guizhou.

Wu Peixin extended his thanks to Secretary Liang for bringing the team to discuss the construction of the "Union Class" and further deepen the cooperation. He pointed out that the cooperation between the two universities has witnessed a good beginning, and the early results have been very good, for which the cooperation agreement shall be earnestly implemented, the education and teaching cooperation shall be further strengthened, and the running of "Union Class" shall be performed in efforts. It is necessary to uphold advanced education concepts, innovate in the medical education, strengthen curriculum reform, establish "5 + 3" long-term schooling system, and form a consistent system mechanism; Both universities should enhance the joint exploration and promotion of the "Union Class" experience, and further make good use of such experience in public health, nursing, clinical pharmacy and other fields, and expand the experimental pilot.

Zhang Qin responded to the relevant requests put forward by GMU, introduced the approval procedures for the construction of the "Union Square", and proposed suggestions and opinions on the design of it.

Relevant comrades in charge of Planning and Development Office, CPC Publicity Department, Office of Academic Affairs, and Graduate School of Peking Union Medical College of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, and President Office, Office of Academic Affairs, CPC Publicity Department and Planning and Development Office of GMU participated in the above mentioned events.