"Academician Lecture" Held in Guizhou Medical University with Academician Wang Chen Delivering His Special Lecture

On September 18, the event of "Academician Lecture" was held in the south campus auditorium of Guizhou Medical University, with Academician Wang Chen, Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and President of Peking Union Medical College of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, delivering the first lecture for our teachers and students. Wang Shijie, Vice Governor; Zou Lianke, Director of Guizhou Provincial Education Department, Yang Hui, Secretary of the Leading Party Members' Group of Health Commission of Guizhou Province, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences Zhuang Nan, Director of President and Dean Office of Peking Union Medical College, Yang Juntao, Director of Planning and Development Office, Wang Jing, Director of Teacher Development Center, Xu Weiwei, Deputy Director of the Office of Academic Affairs, Feng Luzhao, Executive Vice Dean of School of Population Medicine and Public Health, Wang Zhuoran, cadre of Planning and Development Office, Li Junrui, Design Director of Beijing Construction Engineering Group, and leaders of GMU including Liang Guiyou, Luo Peng, Liu Jian, Zhan Yong, Luo Jun, Liu Wen, Chen Dai, Yong, Li Haiyang and more than 1200 representatives of teachers and students of the University attended the lecture. The lecture was presided over by Zou Lianke.

In his speech, Wang Shijie pointed out that, the "Union Class" was an important program implemented by Peking Union Medical College of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences for ensuring the plan of high-level university counterparts supporting western universities in order to guide and support universities in Western China to enhance hematopoietic function, an important measure for Guizhou Province to earnestly practice the concept of rooting out poverty through education, strengthening the province with characteristic education, and achieving targeted poverty alleviation through medical and health care, which has great significance for deepening the cultivation of medical and health talents in Guizhou. It is wished that Academician Wang Chen will lead the Peking Union Medical College of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences to support Guizhou's development as always, and help Guizhou win the two battles of poverty alleviation and COVID-19 pandemic prevention and control; It is wished that relying on the strong teaching, scientific research and medical ability and level of Peking Union Medical College of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Guizhou Medical University will inherit and develop the gene of Peking Union Medical College, make effort to run the "Union Class" and lead and promote the development of the health undertakings in Guizhou; It is wished that all teachers will earnestly learn from Academician Wang Chen to improve your discipline qualifications and cultivate your love for the country, never forget the original mission of becoming a doctor and a teacher, and contribute more wisdom and strength to human physical and mental health; It is wished that all students live up to your youth, study hard, stay synchronized with the development of China and the progress of national rejuvenation, and devote yourselves to the noble cause of protecting people's health from the bottom of your hearts, so as to achieve great success in life.

Academician Wang Chen gave a special lecture on the theme of "medicine means learning more". He pointed out that, medicine is multidisciplinary, combining natural science, social science, and humanity discipline. Only by making good use of science and technology, refining humanities, understanding and learning all disciplines, and maintaining the characteristics of "compassion, concentration and self reflection", can the highest level of medical practice be achieved. As a medical worker, one should have "eagle's eyes" that can not only see high but also see through, a "lion's heart" that can make quick and brave decisions, and "women's hands" that can be precise so as to avoid injury; One should also cultivate their own physical quality, vision, observation ability, psychological emotion and the love for lives from the bottom of heart and other aspects of qualifications. Academician Wang Chen revealed a very profound truth with his vivid words: a doctor should always be compassionate and sympathetic, modest and kind, diligent in learning, good at thinking, focusing on their major, often self-reflecting, and constantly improving abilities and qualities. He provided a profound "thinking lesson" for teachers and students on site, and also a vivid "life lesson" for them, and combine his own experiences to shared them the feelings on being a human, reading, being a teacher and a doctor, deeply educating and touching every teacher and student on site At the end of his lecture, applause was reluctant to disappear.

In his presiding over the lecture, Zou Lianke stressed that students should cultivate noble moralities and patriotic feelings, put into practice the spirit of hard working and excellence pursuing with a study attitude of seeking truth, being practical and enterprising, and strive to become socialist builders and successors in line with the development needs of the era. Teachers should be more active in learning new thoughts and practicing new ideas. Guided by the content of Academician Wang Chen's lecture, teachers should apply that they gained from today's lecture to their future study and work, should live up to the original intention of pursuing academic research and seeking medical career and the motto of "being sincere to yourself, loyal to the collective, respecting the past and considering the future", so as to cultivate more excellent talents for the development of social economy. Guizhou Medical University should adhere to the principle of fostering virtue through education, make itself a university that is rooted in Guizhou, serves Guizhou, and satisfactory to the people of Guizhou, and realize the goal of becoming a high-level modern medical university with distinctive characteristics as early as possible.

It is said that the "academician lecture" is one of the results of the meeting held by Liang Guiyou, Secretary of the CPC GMU Committee, and his colleagues, in Peking Union Medical College of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences on September 9. Since Union Medical College began to provide counterpart support, the two universities have established a benign mechanism for high-level mutual visits and exchanges, and strove to promote talent cultivation, teacher training, and the conducting of academic lectures and other activities.