Zhang Qin, Vice President of CAMS & PUMC meets GMU Teachers

On June 4, Wen Xiaojun, Director of the Office of Academic Affairs, and Xi Xiaolan, Director of Teacher Affairs Office, led a team to Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences & Peking Union Medical College (CAMS & PUMC) for exchanges and study. Zhang Qin, Vice President of CAMS & PUMC, and Ma Chao, Director of Academic Affairs Office of CAMS & PUMC, according to our work needs and the proposed subject, held a workshop with the visitors from the GMU, at which the two sides discussed and communicated with each other on the management of “Union Class” and talents development of the GMU.

Zhang Qin presided over the meeting. She first expressed her sincere welcome to the visit of the GMU representatives and conveyed the care and support from Academician Wang Chen for the development of Guizhou Medical University. She agreed with the training program of the GMU and said that Peking Union Medical College (PUMC) and the GMU are family, and the training should have been completed earlier. Since the COVID-19 virus still exists, it is suggested that GMU teachers be trained online by means of live courses and video recording, so as to improve the teaching ability of GMU teachers by taking advantage of the high-quality teaching resources of PUMC, which is a new way to promote the faculty reserve of "Union Class".

The two sides discussed the teacher training work of the “Union Class”, PUMC’s assignment of experts to give guidance on medical education and research, the selection of backbone teachers of “Union Class” to Peking Union Medical College for further study of half a year or even longer, as well as the enrollment publicity of the GMU’s "Union Class" this year.

Yang Ping, Director of Medical Education Research and Development Center, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences & Peking Union Medical College, Gui Hang, Director of the New Eight Year Medical Education Office of CAMS & PUMC, and relevant officials from the GMU’s Teaching Quality Monitoring and Evaluation Office, the Development and Planning Division, the Teachers' Work Office and the Audio-Visual Teaching Center attended the exchange meeting.