The Written Proposal on Practicing Thrift and Opposing Waste

In order to deeply implement the spirit of an important instruction from General Secretary Xi Jinping on putting an end to wasting food and practice the core socialist values, and take immediate actions individually to foster a social trend of "practicing thrift and opposing waste" and put an end to daily waste, the proposal is hereby issued to all teaching and medical staff:

Firstly, let's put an end to food waste in every meal. We advocate the "Clear Your Plate" campaign. "To clear your plate" is a thrifty, high-quality and moral act. Please buy food from canteens as per your own actual appetite, cherish every single grain, clear your plate completely, and develop scientific and reasonable eating habits. Don't use disposable cups, disposable meal boxes, and disposable chopsticks as possible as you can. Please take and use your own cup and meal box.

Secondly, let's develop the concept of thrift on our own. Let's choose low-carbon transportation and green life, save electricity, stop turning the light on day and night, turn the light off when leaving the room, and use energy-saving lamps and reduce their usage duration as far as possible; save water, cherish water resources, turn off the tap when leaving, avoid leaving the water running for a long time, timely tighten the tap to prevent from dropping water, and timely request repairing any leaking pipe; and reduce the consumption of office supplies, and actively accelerate the promotion of paperless office by means of information technology.

Thirdly, let's strengthen the management of economical behaviors in detail. Let's conscientiously comply with the management systems for official receptions, supplies purchasing, reimbursement of travel expenses, etc. The Party members and cadres shall take the lead to earnestly implement the Regulations on Practicing Thrift and Opposing Waste in Party and Government Bodies and take the initiative to advocate, practice and promote practicing thrift. Efforts shall be also made to strengthen the administration of canteens and the maintenance and management of energy-consuming equipment on campuses, avoid waste, reduce the depletion of lab consumables, and promote energy conservation and emission reduction, to build a conservation-oriented university.

Fourthly, let's foster a thrifty atmosphere together. Let's create a social environment where waste is shameful and thriftiness is applaudable, make thriftiness normal, take the lead to practice thrift and influence more people to do so, clearly oppose waste, develop general consensus and conscious action of "practicing thrift and opposing waste" among all teaching and medical staff in the university, actively practice, promote and supervise thrifty behaviors, try to "clear our plates", and conscientiously develop good habits of working and living economically.

"To achieve further civilization and progress, we shall further advocate practicing thrift." All units and departments of the university shall earnestly learn and implement the spirit of relevant important instruction from General Secretary Xi Jinping, and take stronger measures to publicize and implement the concept of thrift in daily life, and continuously promote the building of a conservation-oriented university. All teaching and medical staff shall save every single grain, every drop of water and every kilowatt-hour of electricity, actually participate in the "Clear Your Plate" campaign, foster a good environment where "waste is shameful and thriftiness is applaudable" and "everyone is responsible for saving resources", stay true to the original aspiration of protecting people's life health, and always implement the spirit of hard work, struggle and thrift, to contribute to building "a centennial medical university with distinctive features, which is advanced among peers and first-class in China"

Guizhou Medical University

August 27, 2020