Advance with the Responsibility of Fostering Virtue through Education Forge Ahead in the Spirit of Fight against the Pandemic The 36th Teachers' Day and the COVID-19 Pandemic Commendation Conference Held in Guizhou Medical University

On September 10, the 36th Teachers' Day and the COVID-19 pandemic commendation conference held in Guizhou Medical University was held in the grand auditorium on the south campus of Guizhou Medical University. Liang Guiyou, Secretary of the CPC GMU Committee, delivered a speech, and Luo Peng, Deputy Secretary of the CPC GMU Committee and President of GMU, presided over the conference. Leaders of GMU including Liu Jian, Zhan Yong, Luo Jun, Liu Wen, Tian Xiaobin, Chen Daiyong, Zeng Zhu, and Tang Lei, and Sun Chao, leader of Tianchan Office, attended the conference.

The conference began in the solemn sound of Chinese national anthem.

On behalf of the CPC GMU Committee and the Administration, Liang Guiyou extended his warmest congratulations to the outstanding teachers, outstanding educators, honorary teachers with 30 years of teaching experience, advanced anti-pandemic collectives and heroes of aiding Hubei Province who were commended; his highest respect to the selfless dedication to the development of GMU's education and teaching and the great love for bravely fighting the COVID-19 pandemic; his sincerest greetings to and best festival wishes for all teaching and medical staff working in the front line of teaching, scientific research, management and medical service; his most friendly sympathy and sincerest thanks to all retired teachers, senior leaders, family members of medical staff, alumni and people from all walks of life who cared about and supported the running of GMU and its hospitals, and helped guide the connotative development of GMU; his most genuine welcome to all faculty and medical staff who newly joined the family of GMU.

Liang proposed requirements in his speech. The first is to stick to the original intention of serving the country through education. It is necessary to keep in mind the original intention of "cultivating talents for the Party and the country", focus on the main responsibility and main business of talent cultivation, adhere to the fundamental task of fostering virtue through education, earnestly shoulder the historical task of promoting the development of higher medical education and cultivating new talents of the era, set an example of teacher that is devoted to both education and morality cultivation in the life choice and career path of being as a teacher and a doctor with a strong sense of patriotism, a strong love for teaching, and a warm love for medicine, and interpret the doctor's responsibility of saving the dying and rescuing the wounded; display enthusiasm, accumulate skills and contribute strength in the new journey of constructing a high-level medical university. The second is to shoulder the mission of cultivating virtuous talents. It is necessary to regard "cultivating virtuous talents" as the primary premise of working as teacher and doctor, "guide students to buckle the first button of life", integrate the spirit of patriotism, Marxist belief and the lofty ideal of communism into the whole process of ideological education, ideal education and cultural education of students, pay efforts to promote their loves for the country, purposes of making contributions to the country and actions of serving the country, and honestly put in practice the responsibility of "cultivating the qualified builders and reliable successors for socialism with Chinese characteristics". The third is to set an example of fostering virtue. It is necessary to set up a model of teachers as the standard of conduct, constantly improve our own virtuous quality and personality, focus on benchmarking the good teacher standard of "Four Haves", educate students by being an example for them, strive to be a moral model in our own disciplines and professional fields, cultivate all students with our determination, actively spread advanced ideas and culture, and strive to be the ones who understand, believe in and propagate virtue and are respected by students in the new era; It is necessary to set an example of doctors as the code of conduct, spare no effort to eliminate the suffering of human beings, contribute to the improvement of health. strive to influence people with the pragmatic attitude of serving first, the benevolence of patients first and the wish protecting lives, so as to shape the glorious image of modern medical educators. The fourth is to develop excellent skills by keeping pace with the era. It is necessary to always uphold the spirit of "being humble" and the mentality of "returning to zero", focus on benchmarking the comprehensive reform objectives of education and teaching, constantly strengthen the study of ideological and political theories, relentlessly improve and enrich the knowledge structure, consistently expand and broaden the vision of academic research, improve knowledge and ability, accumulate and obtain excellent skills, in order to comprehensively improve the level of education and teaching. It is necessary to proactively adapt to the trend of higher medical education reform, set foot on the requirements of "four services" of higher education, bravely explore and innovate in teaching methods, change and update education and teaching concepts, strive to cultivate students' abilities of independent thinking, innovation and creation, and solving actual problems, so as to comprehensively improve the quality of talent training.

Liang Guiyou stressed that talents and teachers are the key to realizing the connotative development of GMU. The teacher collective is not only a strong foundation for the sustainable reform and development of the University, but also an important aid to help build a "century old medical university with distinctive characteristics, advanced in the same category and first-class in China". It is sincerely hoped that all of us may take the example as the guide, take the advanced as the model, heart education, heart medicine, conduct teaching, respect and protect lives, strive to inherit and carry forward the great anti-pandemic spirit of "life is supreme, the whole country is united, personal danger can be ignored, science should be respected, and we share the same destiny", deeply put into practice the Guizhou anti-pandemic spirit of "being fearless of dangers and difficulties, shouldering heavy burdens and moving forward bravely", so as to contribute wisdom and strength to win the two battles of pandemic prevention and control and poverty alleviation in Guizhou on time in an all-round way with higher fighting spirit, more uplifting morale and more magnificent pioneering force, and strive to write a new chapter for the vigorous development of GMU!

In presiding over the conference, Luo Peng said that in 2020, the faculty and staff of GMU followed the motto of being honest, loyal to the collective, and respecting the past and considering the future all along. They have actively participated in education and medical field, and made positive contributions to the development of education in Guizhou Province and the prevention and control of COVID-19 pandemic in Hubei Province. In this process, there have emerged many models of teacher ethics who were devoted to their jobs and served, and a lot of advanced models who were praiseworthy and courageous. Their spirit of not asking for glory but seeking no regrets has set a banner for us, and their spirit of selfless dedication and willing to be a ladder for people has enriched the connotation of the era, set a brilliant example and provided infinite strength for our construction of teachers' ethics and teaching style and medical ethics and style!

Luo Peng pointed out that over the years, the faculty and medical staff of Guizhou Medical University have worked hard and selflessly to overcome many difficulties, have made positive contributions to the local government. Without the painstaking efforts of them, the current steady development and fruits of the University would not exist. He express his sincere thanks to all faculty and medical staff of Guizhou Medical University. Luo Peng wished that, upon today's commendation of a number of advanced models who have virtuous teacher and medical ethics, love their jobs and students, and are willing to contribute to the society, all of us would take the example as the strength, take the goal as the guidance, and constantly stimulate the new mental strength of GMU, continue to write a new chapter for the century old university, and strive to forge a new brilliant development of GMU by uniting together, seizing opportunities and making great efforts!

Liu Jian, Deputy Secretary of the CPC GMU Committee, read out the Decision of the CPC GMU Committee on Commending Outstanding Teachers and Outstanding Educators in 2020.

Zhan Yong, Deputy Secretary of the CPC GMU Committee, read out the Decision of the CPC GMU Committee on Commending the Advanced Collectives in Fighting against COVID-19 and the Heroes Aiding Hubei Province in 2020.

Vice President Luo Jun read out the list of award-winning teachers in the provincial and university-level lecture competitions.

Vice President Tang Lei read out the honor-winning list of 30 years of teaching experience recognized by Guizhou Provincial People's Government and the commendation decision and list of teachers of GMU with 30 years of teaching experience.

Leaders of the University presented honors and prizes to the representatives of "outstanding teachers", "outstanding educational staff", "teachers with 30 years of teaching experience", award-winning teachers in provincial and university-level lecture competitions, "the advanced collectives in fighting against COVID-19 pandemic" and "the heroes aiding Hubei Province".

Chen Zhenghong the representative of "outstanding teachers", Lu Deqin the representative of "outstanding educational staff", Cao Yu the representative of "teachers with 30 years of teaching experience", the Affiliated Hospital the representative of "the advanced collectives in fighting against COVID-19 pandemic", and Sun Xiling, Cheng Yumei, and Deng Jin the representatives of "the heroes aiding Hubei Province" delivered their speech respectively.

At the end, all the participants sang the university anthem in chorus, bring a complete conclusion to the commendation conference.