Welcome 2019 freshmen!

In a bright autumn day with a cloudless blue sky, the students from all over the country gathered in GMU. August 25th is the day when 2019 freshmen are enrolled in GMU. The school attaches great importance to the orientation work. On the campus, the orientation tents are arranged in an orderly manner, the display boards are colorful, and the banner slogans are new and warm. The staff for the orientation is cordial and enthusiastic. In a festive atmosphere, the 2019 freshmen from all over the country are carrying their family's hopes and their own dreams of struggle to start a beautiful new university life.

"Welcome to GMU"

At 10 am, GMU leaders such as Lin Changhu, secretary of the school's party committee, Liang Guiyou, president, Luo Jun, vice president, Zhan Yong, deputy secretary of the school's party committee, and Ran Jiangzhou, deputy president, led the relevant functional department leaders to conduct in-depth on-site inspection and guidance, and visited each of the orientation work sites.

In front of the real-time display screen of the new registration, the school's party committee secretary Lin Changhu and the president Liang Guiyou carefully watched the real-time reporting situation and the registration ratio of each school on the digital screen. Their focused expressions sincerely conveyed the school's welcome and wishes to the students.

On the orientation scene, the highly raised welcome sign, bright inkjet walls, colorful tents, and the brightest freshmen's faces were all full of vitality and permeated with pleasant and warm atmosphere. Each school arranged volunteers for orientation at the entrance of the university and at the check-in point. They came to the designated place early to start the day's work, held up the guide board for registration, and enthusiastically took the new students to go through the formalities and enter the dormitory.

Seeing the new students who came to registration, the school leaders all walked over and welcomed the new students. The leaders kindly talk with new students and asked about their hometown, arrival time, major, first impression for the university and their parents’ attitude to the university. In the inquiry, when they heard that there were new students from their hometown, the school leaders would kindly say "We came from the same place!"

The father of Hu Tingwu, a pharmacy student in 2019, said: "The school environment is very good. There are a lot of welcome banners, and the atmosphere is very warm. We come from the station to the school by school bus and there are school volunteers all the way."

"The registration was completed in less than half a minute"

At each new student reception point, Lin Changhu and Liang Guiyou asked in detail about the arrangements for the orientation work, the latest progress in the registration of new students, and the new measures adopted in the orientation program. They asked about the number of students to be registered and have been registered. They expressed their gratitude to the hard-working teachers and students, and urged the heads of relevant departments and schools to do the orientation work carefully.

At each reception point, we could see that the QR code of each class was posted, which made it easier for new students to integrate into the class collective. At this time, a counselor teacher said: "Hello, scan the code to join the group and then you can quickly understand the information of your class, and get familiar with the students in your class."

A parent said in a conversation with school leaders that our school's orientation work was comprehensive and the digital orientation system provided a convenient and fast way for registration in less than half a minute. It is understood that compared with previous years, the university has continuously promoted the smart orientation. The relevant functional departments and schools worked closely together to actively push the school's orientation work into a "micro-age". From August 8th to the 20th, the university’s official WeChat opened a column for the “2019 Online Registration Guide for New Students”, where new students registered online, including online registration and payment, online dormitory selection, green channel application, campus card usage, etc. Freshmen can also browse the campus scenery in advance, understand the relevant situation of GMU and conduct online communication with classmates and counselors, and only need to scan the code to confirm when registering, which greatly improves the registration efficiency.

"Xiehe class, come on"

The school leaders made a special trip to the "Xiehe Class" reception point to learn more about the registration of students of the first "Xiehe Class". Lin Changhu and Liang Guiyou were very pleased to see the freshmen in the vibrant "Xiehe Class". They walked over to shake hands with the freshmen, expressed a warm welcome, and took photos with the "Xiehe Class" teachers and students.

It is understood that the first "Xiehe Class" consists of 32 students. Among them, Fang Huimin is one of the science students with the highest score among Guizhou colleges and universities. The student came from the No. 8 Middle School of Xingyi in our province. The highest score was 614 points, 144 points higher than the baseline of key universities, and the lowest score was 579 points, 109 points higher than the baseline of key universities.

Lin Changhu pointed out that "Xiehe Class" students were the elite among the elite. Welcome students to study at Guizhou Medical University. The university has a long history and a profound cultural heritage. The reputation of "Little Xiehe" has a long history. The launch of the "Xiehe Class" was a landmark achievement in renewing the foreordained affinity between GMU and the Peking Union Medical College Hospital of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. He hoped that the students would study hard and become the pillars of the “Virtue of Great Physician" and shoulders the historical responsibility of the new age and new youth.

Liang Guiyou hopes that the new students of the Xiehe Class will be integrated into the new life of the university as soon as possible. As the students of the first Xiehe Class, they must study hard, cherish opportunities, work harder to improve themselves, break through themselves, live up to expectations of parents and schools, and strive to become the elite of clinical medical and medical research in Guizhou in the future.

"Xiehe Class" counselor Sun Xiaoyu said, "All 32 students in the" Xiehe Class" enrolled successfully. Please believe that this is a group of excellent medical students. Combined with the strong faculty of the Xiehe Class, we will certainly live up to expectations and let the Xiehe Class achieve the training goals and make students more outstanding. The students will become comprehensively developed medical elite both at the medical level and at the ideological and moral level, political level literacy."

A student of the “Xiehe Class” stated that the creation of the “Xiehe Class” gave them the opportunity to study locally at a famous school. They would definitely study hard and live up to the expectations of the school, teachers and parents, and give back to the people of Guizhou.

"You are my fate"

There are many highlights in the orientation work. This year, as in previous years, the highlight is still the newcomer reception point of the student community. The lively orientation show shows the new students the rich and colorful cultural life on campus. "The activities on campus are so diverse that I am curious about university life and hope to spend a colorful five years here", a freshman said.

The leaders of the university came to the welcome scene of the student society and watched the shows of various societies. Among them, there were more than a dozen performances in different styles such as bridges and Miao drums, which created a strong and warm welcome atmosphere. The wish wall entitled "GMU, I want to say to you" is filled with the wishes of new students and parents, such as: "Come on and strive forward to your dream, you are the best!", "Work harder and harder", etc. Lin Changhu and Liang Guiyou couldn't help but picked up the pen and wrote: "GMU is your home", "Learning is boundless, and GMU is the shore." They conveyed a message that new students could regard GMU as their home, to make the parents rest assured.

"Please rest assured that it's safe here"

At noon, the school's leaders came to the first and second canteens. They showed loving care for the staff of the canteen and cared about the food quality of the canteen. They also shared meals and communicated with the new students and parents. They asked the new students and their parents whether the food suited their taste. The new students and parents expressed satisfaction. They said that the dishes in the canteen were not only varied, but also delicious and cheap. Lin Changhu and Liang Guiyou said on the spot that the parents could be rest assured that the school would provide students with an excellent learning and living environment, and would certainly make students eat safely and healthy.

At the same time, the new students were warned to stay away from campus loan. Nowadays, various traps such as telecom fraud, illegal pyramid schemes, "campus loans", "Taolu Loan" and "cosmetic surgery loans" have become a pain for many college students. On the welcome scene, the university has begun to educate new students on how to resist illegal campus loans and prevent financial fraud via posters, banners and display boards.

This year is the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China and also a key year for building a well-off society in an all-round way and achieving the first centenary goal. In this important historical period, we believe that every new student will adhere to the school motto of “Be honest with yourself; be loyal to the group. Respect history; look to the future” from the moment of enrollment, and inherit the responsibility and patriotism as a member of GMU. They would love the great motherland, and take on the responsibility of the new era.

It is reported that in 2019, GMU admitted a total of 4,511 undergraduates, 742 freshmen upgrading from junior college student to university student, 370 freshmen from ethnic minority preparatory classes, 76 doctoral students, 737 graduate students, 210 graduates with equivalent education. The quality of student resources has improved significantly, and the popularity, reputation and social influence of GMU have achieved new improvements.