Clinical medicine of GMU ranks among top 1% of the global discipline list of ESI for the first time

On September 11, Essential Science Indicators (abbreviated as ESI) gave the latest update on the data, covering a time span from January 1, 2009 to June 30, 2019. The data saw the clinical medicine of our university ranked among top 1% of the global discipline list of ESI for the first time, representing a break-through in the development of ESI discipline and also indicating the clinical medicine of our university has had a high international academic influence.

According to the ESI statistics, there were 4,313 organizations worldwide altogether whose clinical medicine was among top 1% of the ESI list in this issue. The clinical medicine of our university ranked No. 3,347.

ESI is an assessment tool based on essential analysis for the measurement of scientific research performance and tracking the trends of scientific development launched by ISI, a world-famous academic information publishing organization in the US in 2001. It is a database of measurement and analysis established on the basis of more than10 million entries from more than 12,000 academic periodicals in the world collected by Web of Science (SCIE/SSCI) under Clarivate Analytics. It is an important index generally used for evaluating the international academic level and influence of universities and scientific research institutions nowadays and also an important reference basis recognized in the world for evaluating the discipline development of institutions of higher learning.

In recent years, our university has been insisting on the idea of “regarding the culture as the basis, quality as the lifeline, talents and scientific research as the driving power in the building of university” around the goal of “double first-class” and led by the development of disciplines. As a result, the quality level of disciplines is on the rise steadily. Now, we have two doctorate conferring units of first grade disciplines (fundamental medicine and public health & preventive medicine) and one doctorate conferring unit for specialty (clinical medicine); 8 master's degree conferring units of first grade disciplines, 7 master's degree conferring units for specialties; 4 first-class disciplines in Guizhou Province, 4 provincial-level key disciplines of unique characteristics and 4 key clinical specialties appointed by the National Health and Family Planning Commission. In 2019, the establishment of the projects of our university under the national natural science fund made a historical break-through, getting 80 different subsidies, second only to Guizhou University, ranking No.2 in the whole province. Next, our university will further focus efforts on the disciplines of special characteristics, optimize the building of discipline team and promote the quality of disciplines in an all-round way; raise the building of disciplines to a new level in aspects like scientific research, talent cultivation, serving the society and international exchange and cooperation so as to quicken the pace of building a “double first-class” university.

Institutions of higher learning and disciplines in Mainland China among top 1% of ESI lists released in September 2019

Note: The form is sourced from science and academic research of Clarivate Analytics