Guizhou Medical University holds the starting ceremony of the first “PUMC Class” and orientation education for new students

On September 8, Guizhou Medical University held the starting ceremony of the first “PUMC Class” and orientation education for new students. President Liang Guiyou attended the ceremony and delivered a speech; Zhang Qin, vice president of Peking Union Medical College of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, Ma Chao, director of Academic Affairs Office, and associate professor Li Naishi from the Department of Endocrinology attended the ceremony and offered orientation education; school leaders like Liu Jian, Zhan Yong, Ran Jiangzhou, Tian Xiaobin and Li Haiyang attended the ceremony; the supervisors of the “PUMC Class” and teacher representatives of the early stage courses participated in the orientation education. The orientation education for new students was presided over by Vice-president Luo Jun.

Under the care and support of the leaders and departments at all levels of the Provincial Party Committee and provincial government, Guizhou Medical University saw its first PUMC Class” which includes 32 students with the highest enrolment marks being 614 and the lowest one being 579, 109 points higher than the enrolment threshold of the first group of universities and colleges for enrolment. This was the result of meticulous preparation for more than half a year with the help from the leaders and experts of Peking Union Medical College of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, which represents the top level of the medical science and medical science education in our country. This is the representative and leading work in the support given to Guizhou Medical University by Peking Union Medical College of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences; and it is also a major measure of GMU in its efforts to promote the quality of its cultivation of medical talents and realize the goal of “becoming a high-level medical university of distinctive characteristics which is first-class in the western region and influential both at home and abroad”.

At 8:00 in the morning, the opening ceremony began. All the teachers and students present watched the TV program Bonds Between PUMC and GMU, understanding the deep friendship over the years between the two schools. Ma Chao donated books to the first “PUMC Class”; Ma Chao was engaged as the honorary head teacher of the “PUMC Class” and Liang Guiyou presented the letter of appointment to Ma. The leaders and experts of Peking Union Medical College of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Guizhou Medical University presented the honor plaque to the students of the first “PUMC Class”.

President Liang Guiyou delivered a speech in which he pointed out that the original aspiration in setting up the “PUMC Class” is to cultivate the students into top grade medical talents with the following qualities led by the advanced international medical education idea of Peking Union Medical College: generous humanistic spirit, a strong sense of social responsibility, solid foundation of basic knowledge, fundamental theory and skill, a global vision, ability in making innovation and enabling sustainable development, and great ambition. They would become the seeds inheriting and carrying forward the genes of Peking Union Medical College, taking root on the land of Guizhou Province and germinating until blooming and bearing fruits so as to push forward the development of the medical industry of Guizhou. Liang Guiyou said that we should attach importance to and cherish the hard-won “PUMC Class”, and make more efforts to integrate the ideas of “enrolling a small number of outstanding students, educating them with concentrated attention and raising the threshold for graduation” held by Peking Union Medical College and its curricula, humanistic education, professional accomplishment, global vision and reform of teaching method into the “PUMC Class”; we are to make all-round innovation and reform in talent cultivation, student assessment, teaching methods and building of the team of teachers, make the talent cultivation scheme carefully, select teachers conscientiously, and release a series of reform documents, measures and management methods complying with the law of modern medical education, with the purpose of setting strict standards for the enrolment of students, supervising over the course of talent cultivation and setting strict standards the graduation of students. We seek to establish the mode of class with the characteristics as follows: a small class, joint education, a system of supervisor guidance in the whole course of study, stressing on the reform in education, widening the range of exchange in study, strengthening the study of English, strengthening the training of clinical skills, stressing on the cultivation of all-round qualities, implementing the pluralistic assessment of students, provision of channels for further study and enforcing a strict elimination system. Liang Guiyou put forward ardent expectation for the students of the first “PUMC Class”, wishing them to aim high and bear the original aspiration of a doctor in mind; wishing them to study diligently to improve their professional ability; wishing them to combine the knowledge and practice and shoulder the mission of a doctor; wishing them to stress on both the ability and morality to foster a benevolent heart; wishing them to pursue the truth and break new ground; and wishing them to broaden their vision and develop the capacity for tolerance and confidence. He hoped the teachers and students can learn from and understand the ethos and spirit of PUMC, let this spirit to guide their own conduct; inherit and carry forward the spirit of PUMC; serve the program of Healthy China and promote the development of Healthy Guizhou. Liang Guiyou reiterated that the university gives high priority to the work of the “PUMC Class” by further optimizing the talent cultivating mechanism, increasing investment and driving the joint reform of teaching materials, teaching methods and selection of teachers to turn the “PUMC Class” into a vivid model for the high-quality development of education in Guizhou and set an innovative model for the development of modernized medical education on the land of Guizhou.

The leaders and experts of Peking Union Medical College of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences taught the first lesson of the orientation education for the first “PUMC Class”. As the first lesson with the topic of Gathering the Essence of PUMC and GMU to Create the Great Medical Education for the Nation and People for the opening of the school, Zhang Qin told the students about the development path and spirit of PUMC to make them comprehend the spirit of PUMC and cultural heritage as well as the contributions made by the educationists of PUMC to the medical care and health in our country. He also mentioned the long history of friendly exchanges between PUMC and GMU. Zhang Qin pointed out that the students present are the first “PUMC Class”, wishing them to have both the spirit of PUMC---rigorous, profound, innovative and devoted---and the spirit of GMU---being honest to oneself and loyal to the masses; revering the past and looking forward to the future”. He wished the students can have a deep understanding of the connotations of the school motto of the two universities and know the true purpose of academic study and conducting oneself. Zhang Qin introduced the learning method, emphasizing the importance of self-study and developing the habit of lifelong study--wish to study and know how to study” and he hoped the students would bear in mind “the social responsibility of the educated elite”.

Ma Chao taught the second lesson for the opening of the school with the topic of The Image of PUMC People in My Mind. He narrated the growth of those from PUMC, the spirit of PUMC and the affection of PUMC people for their homeland and country from the perspectives of the educational achievements of old PUMC, growth path of new PUMC people, the present mission of PUMC people and the course of his own growth. Ma Chao thought that the “PUMC Class” has the bloodline historical heritage of PUMC. He put forward his wish for the students of the “PUMC Class”---“If we do not love China, who loves China? If we do not love PUMC, who loves PUMC? If we do not love GMU, who loves GMU?”

Li Naishi taught the third lesson for the opening of the school with the topic of PUMC—China’s John Hopkins. Starting from a short video introducing Liu Shihou, a famous expert of endocrinology from PUMC, he explained the elite education of PUMC and the pursuit of perfection by PUMC people in scientific research and clinical practice. He told the students that “as the clinician, we would deal with patients at the grassroots level, so we must respect them without discrimination of social class. Only we are very familiar with them, can we offer them the greatest help in medical treatment.” He also emphasized the importance of humanistic spirit for a clinician.