Delegation from Yokohama City University (Japan) Visited Guizhou Medical University (GMU) for Exchange

Accompanied by the leaders of the University City Management Committee of Gui'an New Area, a delegation of five members including Takayuki Abe, Associate Professor of Yokohama City University (YCU), Kiyoshi Hibi, Associate Professor of YCU, and Mori Takuya, President of Nicchu Peace Travel Service Co., Ltd., visited GMU for exchange on November 5, 2019. The symposium was held in the Conference Room on the sixth floor of Building Zhiyu in the South Campus of GMU. Liang Guiyou, President of GMU, and Luo Songhua, President of Guizhou College of Electronic Science and Technology and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the University City Management Committee of Gui'an New Area attended the symposium. The leaders and teachers from relevant divisions, departments and schools such as General Office, Division of Student Affairs Management, Division of International Relations, School of Public Health and School of Massive Health attended the meeting.

A delegation from YCT (Japan) visited Guizhou Provincial Massive Health (Industry) Exhibition Center of GMU, accompanied by the responsible comrades of Gui'an New Area and Division of International Relations and the teachers and students from School of Massive Health. The responsible comrades of School of Massive Health introduced to the guests the layout of the Massive Health (Industry) Exhibition Center and its related basic information. The guests further understood the development of massive health and big data industry of Guizhou Province, and the two sides exchanged views on big data, massive health and industry.

Subsequently, the delegation held a symposium in the Conference Room on the 6th floor of Building Zhiyu. Luo Songhua chaired the symposium, and introduced the preliminary background of the exchange and visit of Japanese delegation to GMU, hoping to build the connection between YCT and GMU (and universities in the University City) through the visit of the former to the latter. The University City Management Committee of Gui'an New Area will strongly support the exchange and cooperation between GMU and YCT. Mori Takuya introduced the purpose of the visit, hoping to understand the development of the big data and massive health industry in Guizhou Province and GMU through the visit and explore the possibility of cooperation in related fields. Takayuki Abe further introduced the specific exchange and cooperation, the operation of YCT in Japan and the curriculum setting of School of Big Data Science of YCT, hoping to conduct the exchanges and cooperation with GMU in terms of exchange of students and teacher exchanges in related majors.

The two parties mutually discussed on the specific exchanges and cooperation in the enthusiastic atmosphere at the symposium, laying a foundation for further understanding and cooperation.

Liang Guiyou welcomed the delegation to visit GMU. We hope to learn more about each other with Yokohama City University through the symposium, laying a foundation for interscholastic exchanges and cooperation between the two universities, and seeking the possibility of cooperation in terms of teacher exchange, exchange of students and scientific research. It is hoped that the two universities will further deepen the connection between them and reach substantial cooperation as early as possible. Meantime, we also appreciate the University City Management Committee of Gui'an New Area for its continued care and support for GMU. We will strengthen our ties with foreign universities to promote and expand our international influence.

The two sides took a group photo after the symposium.