Vice President Liu Jian Participated in the “China Education Exhibition 2019” in Indonesia

In order to promote the international education process of GMU and actively expand the admission channels of international students of GMU, Liu Jian, Vice President of GMU, leading Fu Qihong, Director of Division of International Relations, and Wu Jiahong, Dean of School of Overseas Education, participated the “China Education Exhibition 2019” in Jakarta, Indonesia from October 29 to November 01, 2019.

The Education Exhibition was hosted by Chinese Service Center for Scholarly Exchange (CSCSE) under Ministry of Education, and the attendees included those from 28 domestic universities such as Peking University Health Science Center. The opening ceremony was attended by Xu Peixiang, Director of CSCSE, Yi Fanping, the cultural counselor of Embassy of the People's Republic of China in the Republic of Indonesia, and Abe, an official of the Ministry of Education of Indonesia.

Liu Jian detailed the general situation and recent development of GMU to Yi Fanping, Xu Peixiang and Abe after the opening ceremony, and exchanged with them the opinions and suggestions on the cultivation of medical students. The exhibition booth of GMU has attracted many high school students, undergraduates and parents from Indonesia. Liu Jian responded to the various questions of students and parents about studying at GMU, and explained the advantages of GMU and its relevant policies and preferential conditions for Indonesian students, hoping to attract Indonesian students to study at GMU. Meantime, Liu Jian and Vice President of University of Indonesia had a cordial and friendly exchange on the training of undergraduates majoring in Stomatology.

At the Exhibition, Liu Jian also presented awards to the winners of the Ninth Chinese Debate Competition of Indonesian Students as a guest of honor.

With the continuous improvement of Chinese higher education and further education cooperation between the two countries, more and more Indonesian students choose to go to China for further studies. China Education Exhibition 2019 has not only enabled more Indonesian students to learn about GMU and Chinese education, but also enhanced the friendship between GMU and Indonesian universities, further strengthening the interscholastic exchanges and playing a positive role in promoting the international development of GMU.