President of the University of the Gambia (UTG) and His Delegation Visited GMU for Exchange

Professor Dr. Faqir Muhammad ANJUM, President of the University of the Gambia (UTG), Professor Momodou Jain, Vice President of UTG, Fan Chaokang, Chinese Dean of the Confucius Institute of UTG, visited our school on the morning of December 13, 2019. The two parties held the symposium at the Conference Room on the sixth floor of Building Zhiyu in the south campus of GMU. Liang Guiyou, President of GMU, and Liu Jian, Vice President of GMU, attended the meeting, and the heads of Division of International Relations and School of Overseas Education attended the symposium. The meeting was chaired by Fu Qihong.



Liu Jian welcomed Professor Dr. Faqir Muhammad ANJUM and his delegation, and introduced the history of the development of GMU, the general situation of GMU in terms of international exchanges and cooperation in recent years and the basic situation of international students at GMU. Finally, he expressed his vision in cooperating extensively with UTG in humanities exchanges, scientific research & cooperation, and student exchanges.

After watching the promotional video of GMU, Professor Dr. Faqir Muhammad ANJUM introduced the basic situation of UTG. Established in 1999, UTG is the institution of the highest level in the Gambia. It has about 5,000 students in 11 schools such as School of Arts and Sciences, School of Information & Communications Technology, and School of Medicine & Allied Health Sciences.

Subsequently, the two sides conducted free exchanges, and reached a consensus on signing an interscholastic cooperation agreement. They initially discussed the admission of 2-3 international students from UTG for study at the School of Overseas Education of GMU. According to Liu Jian, they will formulate a formal written opinion on related cooperation and assistance matters after the meeting, seeking more cooperation opportunities and providing assistance within the capabilities of GMU in terms of equipment and doctor training. The President of UTG also extended to us a sincere invitation and wished eternal friendship with GMU. The two sides exchanged gifts and took a group photo.

The delegation from UTG visited the History Museum and the Life Science Museum of GMU after the meeting.