Teachers and Students from Tung Wah College of Hong Kong Came to Visit Guizhou Medical University for an Exchange Visit

On May 15th,under the leadership of Ms Chen Wenqihui, the chairman of school affairs committee at Tung WahCollege of Hong Kong, those teachers and students came to visit the university for an exchange visit. They held a symposium on the feasibility of exchange programs, ways of cooperation, curriculum, new course design, scientific research cooperation and the shortage of medical and health professionals. He Zhixu, president of GMU, Lu Baoping, deputy secretary of the party committee, Luo Peng, vice president of GMU attended the meeting.The symposium was presided over by Lu Baoping.


On behalf of GMU, president He Zhixu gave them a warm welcome to their arrival. He introduced the background of GMU in detail including history, profession, size, teaching and research, training, counterpart assistance, laboratory and affiliated hospital construction. He hoped that both of them would enhance communication and conduct cooperation in the areas of personnel training, teaching and research, and campus facilities management in the future.

Chen Wenqihui introduced the background of Tung Wah College including profession, personnel training, and scientific research. Taking this visit as an opportunity, she hoped to build cooperation with Guizhou medical university in the areas of personnel training, student exchange, scientific research and campus facilities management.


Luo Peng focused on the full use of foreign exchange and cooperation platform, such as "Peace to Study Abroad ", "China-ASEAN Education Cooperation Week", "Recruitment Program of Global Experts" and some relevant information such as carrying out activities actively in terms of international academic exchange, scientific and technical cooperation and personnel cultivation.

During the visit, accompanied by Yang Zhenhuan, director of overseas department of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan of CPC central committee, and GMU leaders, Chen Wenqihui visited Clinical Skills Center (north campus), and Telemedicine Center and Data Management Center at affiliated hospital.