Our Students Won Third Prize in the Final of National Medical Collegiate Clinical Skills Competition

On May 12, 2018, the final of the 9th National Medical Collegiate Clinical Skills Competition was opened on the campus of Dalian Medical University under the sponsorship of the Medical Education Clinical Teaching and Research Center of the Ministry of Education and the Subcommittee for Clinical Medicine Practical Teaching of the Ministry of Education. After fierce preliminary competitions and semi-finals, a total of 42 teams and 168 contestants from five competition areas, namely, northeast & north China, east China, central China, south China, and southwest & northwest China, came to the final.

Wu Yan, Director of the Higher Education Department of the Ministry of Education, addressed at the opening ceremony, emphasizing that the National Medical Collegiate Clinical Skills Competition and Internet plus are two major events for colleges and universities across the country and also are important measures in implementing education and teaching reform. The competition serves as two “big” functions: serving as a big stage for medical students to show their talents and serving as a big platform for top students from different medical colleges and universities across the country to learn from each other by exchanging views.  

Four students from GMU, Han Zhihong, Zhao Xingli, Chen Heyan, and Xu Tian, took part in the final. Chen Heyan, on behalf of 168 contestants from 42 colleges and universities across the country, took a forceful and inspiring oath at the opening ceremony. After fierce competition, we won the third prize on the final.

This competition is known as “the Highest Education Event in Clinical Medicine of China” and “the Medical Olympic Games of Chinese Students”, aiming to test their abilities of thinking in clinical context as well as their combining ability of theory and Practice. The first show of our students in the national final will make significant impacts on GMU in many aspects, contributing to the further reforms in medical education, the improvement of teaching philosophies and the promotion of teaching quality and managerial skills.