Teachers Reach Peak of Haba Snow Mountain as the Celebration of 80th Anniversary of GMU

On April 28, Tian Weihua, head of outdoor sports at College of Sports and Health of GMU, successfully reached the peak of Haba Snow Mountain in Yunnan at 11:30 am, along with his team members. This journey aimed to celebrate the 80th anniversary of GMU.

Reaching the peak the base camp

Haba Snow Mountain, located in the southeast of Shangri-La County, Yunnan Province, is the uplifted mountain, whose highest peak is 5396 meters. It was formed as a result of the strong interaction between the orogeny of Himalayas and its tectonic activities in Quaternary period.

scenery of Haba Snow Mountain

Tian Weihua and his teammates left Guiyang on April 25 for their base camp and arrived at the foot of the mountain on April 27. They prepared for a whole day and reached the peak of Haba Snow Mountain in the following day after 4 hours of hard climb. This magnificent feat presented a unique gift for the 80th anniversary of GMU.