President He Zhixu Visits Soochow University for Mutual Assistance

On April 10th, President He Zhixu, Vice President Huang Yali and other relevant personnel visited Soochow University for the work of mutual assistance. President of Soochow University, Dr. XiongSidong, Vice President Dr. Jiang Xionghong and some department heads participated in the seminar of mutual assistance.

In the seminar, President He Zhixu summarized the assistance of Soochow University to our GMU in terms of personnel training, faculty development, professional discipline construction, science and technology research, international exchange and cooperation, and science and education resources sharing. He also introduced last year’s achievements. Combined with the key work of our university, he hopes to keep receiving assistance from Soochow University in the fields of “Double First-Class” construction, personnel training, key laboratories and faculty construction, academic degree programs building, and scientific research and resource sharing. At the same time, we hope to take the platform of China-ASEAN Education Exchange Week to promote joint international cooperation and also hope that experts from Soochow University will visit us and give advice on academic activities during the 80th anniversary of the founding of GMU. He Zhixu expressed heartfelt thanks to Soochow University for their sincere help.

President of Soochow University Xiong Sidong introduced the achievements and practices of the reform and development of Soochow University in 2017, and fully affirmed the staged results of cooperation between the two universities. He also launched the preliminary ideas for the cooperation in 2018. Xiong said: “In recent years, the work of our assistance to GMU should be conscientiously summed up, and we must pay attention to the transformation from “quantitative change” to “quality change”, thus finally leading to the win-win cooperation. The two universities should fully grasp their regional characteristics and resource advantages, and seek to establish a solid platform for cooperation. We must actively respond to the “One Belt and Road Initiative”, strengthen exchanges and cooperation in medical education, and further promote the sharing of advantage resources between the two sides to realize a win-win development. Vice President of Soochow University Jiang Xingdong introduced the basic situation of their subject construction, undergraduate and post graduate personnel training and some other aspects. Vice President of GMU Huang Yali introduced the preparatory work of receiving assistance and the preparation of academic activities in 2018.

During the discussion, participants also conducted in-depth exchanges and discussions on teaching and scientific research, discipline construction, and personnel training.