The Safety and Stability Work of GMU has Achieved Good Achievements

In 2017, the Party committee of GMU attached great importance to the comprehensive management of university safety and stability under the theme of “welcoming the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China”. The Party committee carefully implemented the decisions and deployments on security and stability of the party central and provincial committee, provincial government and other relevant organs. GMU continued to maintain the overall safety and stability situation, closing following the work of the CPC and government. We made efforts to take a sense of political responsibility, conscientiously fulfill our responsibilities, strengthen our leadership, and firmly establish the thought of "development is the first important task and stability is the first responsibility". we have better maintained the safety and stability of the campus and surrounding areas.

Recently, the Guizhou provincial education department, the provincial comprehensive governance committee examined our campus and surrounding public security areas and awarded us the "2017 Advanced Unit of Comprehensive Treatment of School Safety and Stability". At the same time, Yang Guanghong, secretary of the party committee of the school of public health, Li You, deputy director of the security office and Li Xueping, deputy director of the department of Ideological and political science were awarded "2017 Guizhou Advanced Individual of School Safety Education Management."