The Signing and Opening Ceremony was held by Affiliated Public Health ICU Center of GMU

On Jan 15th, the Signing and Opening Ceremony of Affiliated Public Health ICU Center of GMU was held in Guiyang Public Health ICU. Party Secretary of GMU, Changhu Lin, President of GMU, Zhixu He, Vice-President, Jun Luo attended the ceremony. Fei Chen, Director of Guiyang Health and Family Planning Commission, together with 200 personnel’s from Department of Teaching Affairs, Office of Teaching Quality Control and Evaluation, School of Public Health as well as staff from Guiyang Public Health  ICU Center attended the ceremony.

Changhu Lin congratulated on the affiliated partnership between GMU and the ICU Center. He addressed that this cooperation is the consolidation of instructions from Provincial Party Committee and Provincial Government, and relevant requirement from framework agreement with Guiyang municipal government. The authorization of Preventive Medicine first tier PhD base in GMU would provide strong support to the speed up of medical care, preventive medicine, teaching and scientific research in the Center. Changhu Lin sincerely hoped that the Center would further its disciplinary construction in accordance with the standard of Affiliated Hospital of GMU. It is the ultimate goal of this Center to bring its various work to a whole new level to serve the city, province and the country, as applicable.



Jianxi Liu, Secretary and Director of the Center, delivered a speech to express gratitude to GMU leaders on their support and guidance. She was determined to promote the disciplinary construction and overall development of the Center following the standard and requirements of Affiliated Hospital GMU to further develop the Center.


Changhu Lin and Zhixu He together held the Opening Ceremony for the Center. Jun Luo and Jianxi Liu signed the agreement on behalf of respective parties.


After the ceremony, Zhixu He received interview from the Guiyang TV station.


Guiyang Public Health ICU is a specialized medical care organization with its specialty in infectious diseases and occupational diseases. This cooperation provided a new teaching practice platform for the development of public health and preventive medicine section of GMU.