2017 Technological Management Conference Held in Guizhou Medical University(GMU)


2017 technological management conference of GMU was held at the conference room on the 7thfloor on the North Campus of Guizhou Medical University on December, 28th. Attenders included the leaders of all affiliated hospitals, colleges, key labs and engineering centers,as well as Deputy Dean in charge of Scientific Research and Section Chief of Academic Affairs. HE Zhixu, president of GMU, was also present and made a speech. GUO Bin, dean of the Department of Science and Technology ,hosted the meeting.

At the meeting, GUO Bing explained the implementation of the bonus and welfare program of Science Department, introducing related demands of promoting and consolidating level-to-level administration and preparing for concluding various scientific research projects. He also arranged for the important time nodes to apply for the National Natural Science Foundation of China(NSFC)and the work needed to be accomplished. He made an interpretation of some new revised editions about the system of scientific research management in details, such asReward Methods of Science and Technology of GMU, Management of Vertical Scientific Researching Expenditure (Natural Scientific Type) of GMU.


ChEN Tengxiang, Deputy Director of the Department of Science and Technology, analyzed the current problems about scientific research management, putting forward some suggestions about deeply promoting the standard of scientific research management and raising some related requirements for its improvement.

President HE Zhixu pointed out that research ability is an important index reflecting the comprehensive strength of a university, and national fund projects are an important indicator of the basic research level of a university. Hence all the departments should fully realize the importance of the application of national fund projects. He hoped that every department would pay high attention to this application, actively mobilize teachers to apply, truly strengthening the organization, increasing the amount of application of our university and strictly completing related work in accordance with the time nodes. Furthermore, he demanded each department should highly emphasize how to handle the remaining budgets after finishing scientific research projects, and every department should not only fully realize the necessity and the urgency of level-to-level management, but also fully realize the essence of how information management promotes connotation development of our university. Finally, He emphasized that all the departments must convey and consolidate the spirit of the meeting for improving the standard of scientific research management.