Build a first-class professional to lead a comprehensive development for GMU—— GMU 2017 Summary Meeting of Teaching Work

On January 11, 2018, GMU 2017 Summary Meeting of Teaching Work was held in moral lecture hall of the north campus. The meeting is to summarize main progresses made in undergraduate teaching in 2017 and to clarify goals and teaching tasks of 2018. It also aims to strengthen the central status of undergraduate teaching, make sure the review and evaluation of undergraduate teaching work and the work of clinical professional certification are fully implemented, as well as deepen the reform of the comprehensive education to promote the connotation development of GMU. The meeting was presided over by GMU President Zhixu He.


Chang-hu Lin, the Secretary of the party committee of GMU made a speech. Jun Luo, Vice President of GMU, gave a summary report of 2017 undergraduate teaching work and teaching plans for 2018. Participants include other GMU leaders, heads of each departments and colleges and directors of affiliated and non-affiliated hospitals.

Chang-hu Lin pointed out that GMU attaches great importance to the undergraduate teaching work. Arduous efforts have been made in the past three years to improve the quality of undergraduate teaching, especially on the construction of “Double-First-Class” construction. He also put forward four requirements. First, we must fully understand the importance of teaching, and teachers should make impart knowledge and educate people as their priorities. Second, we should aim for the “Double-First-Class” construction to promote our connotation development. Third, we should highlight the features of disciplines and professional characteristics to promote the comprehensive competitiveness of GMU. Fourth, we should actively promote the construction of homogeneity in teaching in our affiliated hospitals and make sure they make a balance in medical treatment, teaching and scientific research.


Zhixu He required that we should put the undergraduate, graduate, doctoral and adult education into our annual summary meeting of teaching work. He said that this meeting enables us to unify ideas and clarify future development directions. In 2018, we must deeply study, earnestly understand and conscientiously implement the spirit of the 19th Communist Party of China National Congress and guiding principles from Jinping Xi's major policy addresses. He expressed that we must make joint efforts to improve the comprehensive strength of GMU and make it a first-class medical university in western China.

Jun Luo summarized the 2017 undergraduate teaching work in the following six aspects. First, the solid work in undergraduate teaching reform and professional certification; Second, deepen the comprehensive reform of undergraduate education so as to build a first-class university; Third, focus on undergraduate teaching to improve the quality of education and teaching; Fourth, strengthen the base construction of the practice teaching; Fifth, achieve position-led principle to improve the level of teaching management; Sixth, successfully complete the tasks assigned at early 2017 by doing training in various fields. He also required that we should continue to make educational and teaching reform, promote professional certification in medicine, oral medicine and preventive medicine. We should also take multiple steps to improve the quality of undergraduate education and teaching and improve and promote modern education technologies.


Moreover, Xiaojun Wen, Director of the Department of Educational Affairs, made a report on problems and solutions during the construction of first-class universities. Other speakers include Fa Sun, Executive Vice President of Clinical Medical School; Ming Yang, Dean of Basic Medical Sciences; Xiangchun Shen, Dean of the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences; Daiwei Zhao, the President of the second affiliated hospital and Zhongfa Wang, the vice president of the affiliated Xingyi hospital.