Delegation of Luo Zeer, France Visits GMU

Jean Claude Moulin introduced the local customs and practices of Luo Zeer province. He showed his province’s development in sports tourism, sports education, outdoor rescue training and medical and health education. The French player Andoni and Anna, Luo Zeer also made the exchange statement. Two athletes of Luo Zeer—Andoni and Anna—also made speeches.

Jiang Hong introduced the information of exchanges and cooperation between the "two friendly provinces"—Guizhou and Luo Zeer. She expressed her support for the cooperation between GMU and Luo Zeer. Moreover, Xue Youqiao suggested that we should initiate this cooperation as soon as possible and strive to make it a medium-and-long-term plan. Song Guangqiang also expressed the same expectations.

At the end of the meeting, President He Zhixu concluded that GMU will send delegations to visit Luo Zeer for exchanges and study and hoped that both sides could make the first move by exchanging students and teachers.

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