Demonstration Meeting about First-class Discipline Construction Plan Held by Guizhou Medical University

On November 23, Guizhou Medical University (GMU) held the demonstration meeting about first-class discipline construction in the corridor conference roomfloor 6, administration building, north campus. Dai Qiping, the inspector of provincial education department, and He Zhixu, the president of GMU, attended the meeting. The expert group of demonstration meeting consisted of Cui Jin, the vice president of Guiyang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Xiong Xin, the chief of science and technology and graduate student section in education department of Guizhou province, Liang Hong, dean of graduate school in Guizhou Normal University, Du Bin, the executive associate dean of graduate school in Guizhou University, and experts in relevant subjects and leaders in related department of discipline construction from our university. Xiong Xin held the post of group leader and put forward related job specification. The meeting was hosted by Sun Chengyi, the vice president and dean of graduate school in GMU.

Dai Qiping praised the achievement our school had made in first-class discipline construction, emphasizing that first-class discipline construction required clear plans of construction, goals practical to the university and feasible measures to ensure the reality of constructive goal. The plan of first-class discipline construction would be the basis for later performance evaluation and dynamic regulation of disciplines.

He Zhixu gave welcome speech and thanked leaders from provincial education department and experts from other universities for paying attention and guiding our university's first-class discipline construction for a long time.

Sun Chengyi introduced the overall and programming situations about first-class discipline construction, also the purpose and significance of this demonstration meeting.

At the meeting, expert group listened to the PPT reports about four first-class discipline construction in Guizhou, including foundation medicineclinical medicine, pharmacyand public health and preventive medicine. They gave affirmation to our work of first-class discipline, believed that the plan of our first-class discipline construction had specific goal, clear mind and proper measure, and in the meanwhile, provided comment and advice to the discipline orientation further focused on, the strengthening of international exchange and cooperation, and the reform of discipline construction mechanism and system.

Finally, He Zhixu expressed that GMU would fully understand and adopt comments and suggestions given by expert group and make a good