Guizhou Medical University 80th Anniversary (File No.1)

With 80 years of trail blazing and forging ahead, Guizhou Medical University is welcoming its 80th Anniversary at the time of a rejuvenating Chinese nation. Hereby, we would express our most sincere greetings and respect to the leaders, friends, teaching and medical care staff as well as our dear alumni who has all along concerned about the development of GMU.

In 1938, the establishment of National Guiyang Medical College marked the breakthrough in medical tertiary education in Guizhou province. Despite multiple relocation and renaming, the diligent teaching and learning tradition was passed down through truth-seeking teachers and students. With the completion of new campus and renaming as Guizhou Medical University, GMU further established Chinese Academy of Sciences Natural Products Chemical Key Laboratory, Medical Plants Effect and Usage National Key Laboratory in 2016. In 2017, GMU was awarded with 4 first class majors, 3 first platforms, 5 first class teaching teams and 14 first class courses. With the acquired achievements, it has laid a solid foundation for the pursuing of the dream of GMU.

Over the past 80 years, GMU upheld its school motto of Honesty, Loyalty and Introspection to develop in Guizhou. Till now, GMU has cultivated over 50 thousand medical talents of all levels, who then devoted themselves in the career of defending the health and life of Guizhou people. GMU has made its due contribution for the development of medical education and health care course in Guizhou and the country as a whole. With great confidence and competence, GMU is marching forward to construct itself into the ultimate goal of First Class High Level Medical University with Obvious Characteristics in Western China and An Influential One in both Home and Abroad.

As the 80th Anniversary celebration preparation work is launched, the celebration is scheduled in October, 2018. We would welcome alumni to participate in relevant social and academic activities under the principle of Enthusiasm, Simplicity and Delicacy. Once again, GMU hope to invite dear leaders, alumni and friends to come back to campus to exchange views on academic development and renew friendship!


Guizhou Medical University

November 21st, 2017


GMU 80th Anniversary Affairs Office Contact

North (Old) Campus: Rm 608, Admin Building, GMU, No. 9 Beijing Rd, Yun Yan District, Guiyang, Guizhou. Zipcode: 550004

Person to contact: CHEN Kang (13608547292) FAN Yan (0851-86909855)

South (New) Campus: Rm 302, Zhi Yu Building, GMU, University Town, Gui An District, Guizhou. Zipcode: 550025

Person to contact: LI Bingfu (0851-88416215)


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