Young Teachers' Union from CAMS and PUMC Bring Assitance and Guidance to GMU


According to the "The Memos of Accelerating the Development of Guizhou Medical University with the well-matched Assistance of Chinese Academy of Medical Science and Peking Union Medical College" and "The Project Content of Chinese Academy of Medical Science and Peking Union Medical College's well-matched Assisting Guizhou Medical University(2017-2018)", 19 people from Chinese Academy of Medical Science(CAMS) and Peking Union Medical College (PUMC) Young Teachers' Union brought guidance and assistance to GMU, which aimed to consolidate the assisting work and further develop the capability and raise the level of work, including teaching, clinical medicine and scientific research, etc.

Participants, attending the face-to-face meeting, the academic seminar and the GMU history discussion, are including vice president Prof. Huang Yali and relevant directors from the Key Laboratory of Natural Products Chemistry, the affiliated hospital of GMU, the college of basic medical, the Key Laboratory of Molecular Biology, the College of Pharmacy, the College of Nursing, the College of Medical Humanities.

During the meetingteachers from the PMUC offered affirmed and positive guidance to the teaching management, teaching methodsMOOC making, laboratory information construction, doctor-patient communication and other aspects of the work, attended lectures in class, discussed with teachers and students, and visited the clinical ward rounds. Moreover, in order to find more histories of the cooperation between GMU and PMUC, we went to the provincial archives for the relevant files and held a history exchange forum. At the academic seminar, 6 members from Young Teachers' Union, PUMC, and 2 teachers from GMU made speeches respectively. The experts from PUMC introduced teaching experience, management experience, humanism and research achievements in the field of the teaching methods, management models, clinical practice, the research focus, the construction and management of labs. This allowed faculties and medical staffs of GMU to experience a new generation spirit and attitudes towards dedication, rigorous scholarship and truth seeking of PUMC. Meanwhile, teachers, students and medical staffs of GMU benefited a lot from this seminar.

Through the face-to-face exchanges and discussions with teachers, experts and professors from PUMC, young teachers from the union has helped and guided the students to achieve the goal of “heart to heart” and “hand in hand”, and “form pairs”. The two sides also reached preliminary intentions on further learning and cooperation in science and research so as to lay the foundation for the assistance and guidance in teaching staff building, teaching management and scientific research, and provide more chances for further cooperation between the two sides in the future.