A Touch of Elegant Art--Shaanxi operaXijing StoryPerformed in Guizhou Medical University

On Oct 15th,Shaanxi operaXijing Storywas performed in the auditorium of south campus of Guizhou Medical University (GMU), which was co-hosted by the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Finance, Guizhou Department of Education and the Youth Committee of GMU. Zhan Yong, the vice secretary of the Communist Party Committee from GMU, and Ye Seng, an official from the Division ofSports, Health, Art and Education of Guizhou Department of Education, attended the gala with 1200 teachers and students from GMU.

Mr. Zhan Yong made a welcoming speech and extended sincere thanks to the artists and honored guests on behalf of our school before the start of the gala. He stressed that the performance will make a great impact on developing the Chinese traditional culture, revolutionary culture and the advanced socialism culture, which can serve to celebrate the19thPeople’s Congress. What’s more, it will also improve the literature and art atmosphere for our campus.

Xijing Storyis a modern Shaanxi opera co-performed by the Shaanxi Provincial Academy of Drama and Mei Hu Wan Wan Qiang Group of School of Drama of Xi’an Jiao Tong University. It basically tells a story of a retired teacher, LUO Tian-fu, who came toXijingwith his family and made a new life here with his cooking skill, realizing his “Xijing Dream”. The drama has reflected the unexpected difficulties countryside people encountered and their unswerving effort to pursue their dreams. With their unbeatable personality and persistent pursuit to happiness, the whole story showed an improved living standard as well as state of mind by hard-working combined with integrity. The drama was highly praised by both audience and drama academia.

The whole performance lasted for twohours, and the audience were deeply impressed by the artistic performance and unique singing style of the artists. These vivid characters brought to the audience more than just enjoyment but a modern educational drama. Once again, the down-to-earth characteristics, hearted gratitude and helping qualities exhibited from the drama were both the essence and implication of the drama.