The Experts' Feedback Meeting of the Clinical Medicine Certification of Ministry of Education at GMU

The Experts' Feedback Meeting of the Clinical Medicine Certification of Ministry of Education was hold on the morning of November 11 at Moral Lecture Hall in North Campus of GMU. Expert group, leaders of the divisions of the university, the affiliated hospitals, staffs of the office in charge of evaluation and construction and representatives of teachers and students for a total of over 300 people attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Professor Wei Donghai, vice director of the expert group and the vice-president of Guangzhou Medical University.

From November 14 to 17, expert group members had been debriefed respectively by the GMU president, the dean of Basic Medical College and directors of affiliated hospitals and community hospitals. They held 12 symposiums with various committees, teachers, students and leaders from relevant administrative divisions, visited more than 20 basic units such as the major administrative divisions, library, gymnasiums, network centers, student dormitories and so on. They observed more than 20 teaching activities including theoretical and experimental classes and checked all the materials related to the certification standards. Preliminary reports have been formed after careful discussion.

Professor Wen Deliang, the group leader as well as the president of the China Medical University read out the preliminary report of clinical medical professional certification of GMU. The report gave a comprehensive analysis in terms of purpose and objectives, education program, student achievement assessment, students, teachers, education resources, education evaluation, scientific research, administration and management, reform and development. Expert group held the view that GMU, with 78 years of history, is striving to build a high-level university that has unique features and wide influence both at home and abroad. It has benefited the lives of Guizhou people since its establishment. As the Clinical Medical Certification requests improvement and sustainable development of university' quality, GMU can only have a better future by means of self-censorship, rectification and improvement.

Lin Changhu, Secretary of the party committee of GMU concluded that first, after four days of rigorous work, experts provided valuable advice on promoting reform by evaluation and promoting construction by evaluation. All the faculties of GMU appreciated their efforts, guidance, advice and assistance; second, though experts spoke highly of GMU's advantages, GMU should realize its shortcomings and fix them according to the experts' suggestions and advice; third, the certification specified a way to develop GMU's clinical medicine teaching. Faculties and students of GMU should work hard and fix the shortcomings to make a contribution to the society and determine to live up to the expectations of the the People's Government of Guizhou Province and our people.

He Zhixu, on behalf of the GMU, expressed his thanks to the experts and their efforts and advice. He said that the experts showed a great way for our futrue development in the undergraduate education of the clinical medicine major. During the four days of certificating, we learned from the experts their advanced concepts, the new national requirements and standards in higher medical education, particularly those in clinical medicine. We found a gap between the current condition of GMU and the national and international standards. GMU saw the certification as an opportunity for self-improvement, and will fulfill the 13th five-year plan in order to train qualified medical staff to serve the economic and social development of Guizhou province.