Japanese Delegation Visits GMU


On the morning of January 9, a meeting was held at the conference room of the administrative building in Guizhou Medical University’s (GMU) North campus. Officials presented included Lin Changhu, Secretary of the party committee of GMU, He Zhixu, President of GMU, Liu Jian, Vice President of GMU and Luo Peng , Vice President of GMU and other officials from relevant departments. Our guests included Shinntani Kouiti, President of the Aoikai Medical Corporation, Nomura Arinobu, President of the Japan-China Economic Exchange Council League, Takeuti Takahito, International University of Health and Welfare and other representatives.



He Zhixu first extended a warm welcome to all the representatives of Aoikai Medical Corporation. Then he gave an overall introduction of the GMU and hoped that the cooperation would develop successfully. Later, Liu Jian introduced the basic situation of the affiliated hospital of GMU and relevant information about running schools with Aoikai Medical Corporation. Shinntani Kouiti also gave a brief introduction about Aoikai Medical Corporation。



In the meeting, both sides also signed a Framework Cooperation Agreement of Medical Care Industry and Lin Changhu presented gifts to the Japanese delegation.



After the meeting, the delegation visited our physical examination center and gave a lecture about Alzheimer's disease recovery, introducing the latest theory and clinical practice of Japan’s work.