GMU Leaders Make the Survey of the Construction of Affiliated Zunyi Hospital

On August 2, 2017, GMU’s President He Zhixu, Vice-President Luo Peng and Huang Yali and other two officials visited the construction of the affiliated Zunyi hospital of GMU in Zunyi, accompanied by Xu Yu, deputy director of the Administrative Committee of Xinpu New Area, Zhang Hua, vice-general manager of the Development and Investment company of Xinpu New Area and Li Xuhong, director of the Health and Family Planning Commission of Xinpu New Area.


The visiting group first went to the construction site of the new hospital and had a detailed understanding of its project schedules, environmental design and construction plans and so on. They were debriefed by Li Haiyang, head of preparatory team, in areas like hospital construction, personnel training, further project planning, operation management and talent introduction. They also heard a report by Li Xuhong about relevant problems occurred during the hospital construction.


Then, He Zhixu expressed his heartfelt thanks to those who sacrificed vacations to stick to their posts. He pointed out that the construction of the affiliated Zunyi Hospital should focus on quality and obeying the objective laws. Moreover, we should seize this opportunity and coordinate talents building with software and hardware building. Thirdly, he believed that we should take a broad and long-term view in initiating the second-phase construction project and integrate the teaching and scientific research into the construction. We should also take into account the normalized training of doctors, the teaching quality and internship of undergraduate students, as well as scientific research and supporting facilities. We must integrate the big data and big health strategy into the hospital planning to make it a regional health care center in Zunyi. Finally, he expressed that, as the new hospital was about to open, we must complete the project on time regardless of existing problems. Meanwhile, we should always put safety first on top of anything else.


Then Luo Peng pointed out problems of the first-phase construction and expressed that we should further improve efficiency and learn advanced management experience from Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Peking Union Medical College.

After the survey, the visiting group had a meeting with local officials. Zhang Jiyong, Secretary of Party Working Committee of Xinpu New Area and other officials joined the meeting. They discussed ongoing challenges and problems in the construction and shared their thoughts on how to solve them.

Other officials accompanying the survey included Zhang Xing, director of Development and Planning Department of GMU, Tu Bo, director of Scientific and Technological Innovation and Industrial Development Department of GMU.