Virtual of a great physician, the same origin, the grass-roots service social practice GMU work together with Peking Union Medical College to carry out the summer social practice of college students

Share research results to build a Union Medical college practice base

On August 3rd, at the patriotic education base of Qiangnan Weng'An Hou Chang, all team members learned about the history of the Hou Chang conference and took the oath ceremony in the rain.

On August 4th, all team members visit the history museum, clinical skills center, clinical research center, and attended "summary meeting and the meeting of achievements sharing" in the corridor meeting room of 7th floor of North campus, school party secretary Zhan Yong, clinical medical school, school officials and volunteers as well as all the teachers and students present the meeting. The youth volunteers of the two schools reported the results of the research and shared their practical feelings.

Zhan Yong congratulates on the high efficiency and successful completion of the social practice, hope this activity will start off the docking cooperation of Peking Union Medical College and GMU, two sides will jointly build the social practice base for more teachers and students communication in the future.

The social practice make an in-depth understanding of the health policy at the grass-roots, understand the grass-roots demand for health care, and the situation of common disease and frequently encountered disease, local medical institutions and medical personnel. A research report will be completed based on the result of the social practice, together with efforts of experts of Peking Union Medical College and GMU. With young teachers and the students, practical action will make true contributions to medical and health development in Guizhou Province.

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