Virtual of a great physician, the same origin, the grass-roots service social practice GMU work together with Peking Union Medical College to carry out the summer social practice of college students

Benevolence and caring for the people to promote the spirit of great care

From July 17th to 25th, volunteers study clinical departments rotation in 16 departments of the second affiliated hospital of our school.

During July 26th and 30th, practice teams divided into two groups respectively, head to Tai Jiang county people's hospital and Jian He county people's hospital for free clinics, health education, and series of social practice activities, and visit the local blood stations and maternity and child care.

Attach great attention to the local medical research, tackle the poverty with medical service

During July 31st and August 2nd, practice teams divided into 2 groups head to Tai Pan county clinics, and Cen Song county clinical affiliates respectively for internship and home visit of the local poverty.

On July 31st, Wang Yunfeng, deputy secretary of the party committee of Peking union medical college, and vice secretary of the party committee of our school Mr. Zhan Yong visit local clinics of Tai Pan County and Jian He county, the visit aim to understand the development of local health service, and meeting with volunteers. A seminar was held, during the meeting Wang Yunfeng pointed out that Peking Union Medical college has always been follow one motto throughout the years, that is a good doctor is beyond superior skills and rich experience, what is more important is humanistic feelings, therefore to work with the grass-roots is an obligation to build humanistic feelings. Mr. Wang on behave of Peking Union Medical College express the appreciation to the social practice providers, and hope the youth will carry on promote the spirit of "Virtual of a great physician", to make true contribution to poverty tackling of medical services in Guizhou Province.

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