The affiliated stomatological hospital of Guizhou Medical University held a large charity oral clinic on the national tooth day

The 20th September is the 29th national tooth day in China. In order to further popularize the knowledge of oral health, strengthen the public awareness of the oral health and create a good atmosphere of the whole society to participate, "oral health, the whole body health" - 2017 national love teeth day big charity clinic activity organized by the affiliated stomatological hospital of Guizhou Medical University held in front of the hospital. Experts from more than 10 departments such as conservative dentistry & endodontics, periodontal mucosal membrane, children dental prophylaxis, oral maxillofacial surgery, prosthodontics, orthodontic treatment, general stomatology participated in the charity clinic activity, providing oral health consultation and clinical service for the mass.

The theme of this year's tooth day is: "oral health, whole body health". As an important part of overall health, oral infection and inflammation may cause or exacerbate chronic diseases such as cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and diabetes, which are harmful to the whole body health, affecting the quality of life. Hereby oral health maintenance is an important means to systemic disease control and prevention.

Charity clinic provided for nearly 200 people consulting and oral health instruction, and to distribute the oral health brochures and tooth products. On the site of activity, a lot of consultants with different levels of oral health problems were recommended specific treatment plans by charity clinic experts team after detailed inside mouth inspections and the oral health system evaluations. According to the activity, the citizens received an actively professional publicity of oral hygiene education which is benefit to improve their oral health awareness, attracting more people’s attention to the oral and systemic health. In addition, the display of carved teeth works which made by the students come from stomatology college of Guizhou Medical University received favorable reviews.

Besides, in order to further promote the hospital soft environmental construction and improve the overall influence of the hospital, the affiliated stomatological hospital of Guizhou Medical University Open Day also held in the same period of charity clinic activity. The Open Day is aimed at deepening the acquaintance of the mass to our affiliated stomatological hospital, making a chance of zero distance contact between the patients and medical personnel, which can enhance mutual understanding and communication, build a harmonious doctor-patient relationship, initiatively accept social supervision, strengthen targeted work to hospital revolution, and provide higher quality services for the mass. On the move of activity, citizens attending charity clinic visited the new building of affiliated stomatological hospital, accompanied by the clinical department staff of our hospital, for thorough understanding of the layout, service process, medical environment, and medical work of the affiliated stemmatological hospital.

By the means of oral health inspection, consultation, new hospital visit, brochure distribution, and carved tooth work display, the charity clinic successfully spread the oral health knowledge to the general public, highlighting the importance of the oral disease prevention and the dangers of the serious oral diseases, which had a positive publicity and education by enhancing the awareness of oral health care to the mass.