The Opening Ceremony of National Rock Climbing and Skateboard Training (Guizhou) Holds in Guizhou Medical University

He Li has suggested all the departments to specific implementation of Sun Zhigang and Zhao Yong’s requirements and instructions. Start in small, think in big, sort out each concrete work plan for all the projects. GMU should focus on the construction of School of sports and health, seize the opportunity of development, seek for scientific and technological support, and make a real distinction to build a national key discipline. At present, our province is also working to promote 3D rescue program, and to plan on areas of rescue, transportation and fixed-point hospitals, meanwhile, our province will implement the instructions of the head of National General Administration of Sport, and convert every suggestions into the tangible result of the sports undertakings in Guizhou.

Zhang Yuguang stated that Guizhou Administration of Sport will follow Zhao Yong and He Li’s instructions and requirements, work hard with detailed content and clear direction, coordinate well with all departments and GMU, pays special attention to the implementation of the work.

Lin Changhu made a final statement. He said the GMU would put efforts, work hard and leave coaches and athletes with no worries in training. Our university will follow the instructions given by all the guests, combine the medical advantages that the affiliated hospitals and we have, focus on the construction of School and subjects, to build the characteristics of GMU.

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