The Opening Ceremony of National Rock Climbing and Skateboard Training (Guizhou) Holds in Guizhou Medical University

Zhao Yong talked to the team members kindly, he told the members to focus on all-round development, to train hard, to serve the motherland, to win the glory for themselves and the country, to compete in the Tokyo Olympics, but also to take into account the endeavor of learning and moral education. He demanded that the coaching team to be built, and develop a scientific training method, accelerate the construction of international standard training system and competition venues.

Participated officers take photos with the team members of the National Rock Climbing and Skateboard Training Team of Guizhou.

Later after the ceremony, the communication forum was held in the conference room of the 6th floor of Zhi Yu building in our school.

At the meeting, Zhao Yong made suggestions on the selection and training of sports talents and discipline construction in our province. First, we need to break the original mindset, the vision, seek talents across the boundary, reform the personnel training mode, cultivate inter-disciplinary talent, innovate athletic talent incentive guarantee mechanism, to let athletes and coaches have no trouble back at home. Second, further develop GMU and its School of Sports and Health, into the national demonstration school, giving fully play to the advantages of the school, carefully selecting talents, update the teaching material system, the key characteristic discipline construction, pay attention to the construction of coaches team, reform the training mode, do exemplary role of scientific research projects in the country. Third, facing southwest China, facing the whole country, outdoor rescue center has to keep pace with the times, update equipment, combine with the medical advantages, train the top outdoor rescue talents with big data,, develop an outdoor rescue center facing all the people, and commit to a province with strong sports background, and become a national sports tourism demonstration area.

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