The Opening Ceremony of National Rock Climbing and Skateboard Training (Guizhou) Holds in Guizhou Medical University

Lin Changhu firstly delivered a welcome speech to all the guests, and expressed thanks to the guidance given by government. He introduced the rich history of Guizhou Medical University, and the development of university’s cultivation of innovative talents, scientific research, society service, cultural inheritance and innovation, and international exchanges and cooperation. He emphasized that GMU has been attached great importance to the development of sports, after years of hard work, our School of Sports and Health has become the key base for sports teaching, scientific research, competition service and sports culture transmission in Guizhou and even southwest China. The National Training Team launched in Guizhou Medical University, which is an important event for Guizhou sports affairs, and a grand mark on GMU’s sports development history. GMU would take this as a recognition and also encouragement. Under the strong leadership of the provincial government and party committee, and the kind guidance of the National and Provincial General Administration of Sport, we will work hard and cooperate sincerely to ensure the smooth and successful training management and logistics supports, so as to ensure the fruitful results of the training team.

Li Zhixin also delivered a speech on the ceremony, he stated that Guizhou has rich outdoor sports resources, and is a paradise for all kinds of outdoor sports. In recent years, Guizhou Administration of Sport has received great achievements in mass sports, competitions  and outdoor sports, under the effective and impactful guidance of National General Administration of Sport, Guizhou provincial government and party committee. In March, 2017, the General Administration of Sport launched a comprehensive cross-boundary and national training team in order to reform the original talent selection and preparation system for the Olympic Games. As the first batch of pilot units, Guizhou Administration of Sport and GMU actively response to the General Administration of Sport, carried the burdens, and firstly launched the rock climbing and skateboard cross-border selection in country-wide, to select the excellent sports talents, respectively, carried out the two projects of training. This opening ceremony of National Rock Climbing and Skateboard Training Team, National Outdoor Sports and Rescue Research Base, and Outdoor Sports Education Base, has ushered in the new historical mission of Guizhou sports, and opens the reform innovation to accelerate the development. National General Administration of Sport-Community Sports Center, and Mountaineering Center will fully support Guizhou in developing national sports events, and in competitive team building, outdoor sports security and in-depth cooperation between cultivation of talents training, etc.

Zhao Yong and He Li opened the National Rock Climbing and Skateboard Training Team of Guizhou, Liu Guoyong and Zhang Yuguang opened the National Outdoor Sports and Rescue Research Base, and Outdoor Sports Education Base, the participated officers and training team members witnessed together.

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