New Voyage, Sails for Dream----Welcome New Students of 2017

Professor Lin Changhu, Secretary of School Party Committee, and Professor He Zhixu, President of GMU with Vice President Professor Luo Peng, Professor Luo Jun, Professor Huang Yali, Professor Ran Jiangzhou and Deputy Secretary Professor Zhan Yong are coming to the north and south campus to learn about the new students’ registration and pay their thanks and regards to volunteers and staff. On the spot of student cards activation and tuition charging, Professor Lin required that we cannot let illegal information about campus loan to undermine our students financial safety by the publicity of preventing money from being cheated. When visiting on registration point in front of dormitory building, Professor Lin has happy talks with new students and their parents, in which Professor Lin asks whether they can adopt the new campus life and hope they can get accustomed to their soon and don’t live up to their parents expectation and school cultivation by studying hard with a dream keeping mind.

On the basis of the digital registration system using in last year, we have employed a new registration system that combined mobile clients with web clients to register. On the mobile phone, all the registration procedures can finish at one stop which includes personal information collection, checking in and registration, receiving dormitory supplies, student card and tuition charging status checking as they get their letter of admission. In the new system, new students can join in the campus community discussion and ask questions about registration due to all users in this system are in real name. At the same time, new students can learn about GMU before registration and be easy to start their college life by providing them campus maps, news and other information.

In order to make new students feel the warming heart from the big family of GMU in a new environment, volunteers from student union, colleges and association of students organizations are waiting on every registration spot to carry luggage, explain registration procedures and how to use student cards, take new students to find registration point and their dormitory without any complains. Volunteers with sweating forehead are hustling in the campus and say “When seeing those new students, we will recognize that time is flying and think of the scene where we are leading by volunteers to start college life. In this semester, I am a volunteer to welcome our little sisters and brothers and being a volunteer and keeping the volunteers’ spirit going make me happy”.

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