New Voyage, Sails for Dream----Welcome New Students of 2017

From August 19th, 2017 to 20th, 2017, around 6,000 new students from all corners of China are arriving in Guizhou Medical University for registration in hustled and bustled campus with the cool summer days in Guiyang. It is said that 932 new students are postgraduate students who consist of 30 students for doctor degree, 634 students for master degree and 267 students for master degree with equivalent education background.5569 new students are for bachelor degree of which 2468 students’ recruitment in first batch for their entrance examination scores in Guizhou Province, 120 students from national recruitment programs, 100 students from regional recruitment programs and 47 students from minority undergraduate foundation programs. 2834 new students are enrolled in the second bath which is combined with 1695 students from Guizhou Province and 280 from other provinces (including recruitment for sporting major students), 200 medical students from tuition free programs which require them back to work in their hometown after graduation, 610 students from associate to bachelor degree programs and 49 students from minority undergraduate foundation programs. The first recruitment batch students are admitted with their entrance examinations scores from 463 to 573 in science majors and scores from 545 to 570 in arts majors. The second recruitment batch is from 425 to 472 in sciences majors and from 511 to 544 in arts majors.

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