Congratulations for the Remarkable Feat in 2017 Programs of China Scholarship Council (CSC)

With the great attention of school leaders, teachers and scholars from Guizhou Medical University (GMU) positively applied CSC Programs for studying abroad under the guidance and publicity of Division of International relations of GMU. Among those programs, 2 teachers applied for government-founded studying abroad programs for the construction of high level universities and government sponsored studying abroad programs for master degree and all were admitted; 5 teachers applied for studying abroad programs for pedagogy of high level education and 3 of them enrolled; 19 teachers applied for special programs of talent cultivation for the western region of China and 13 of them were accepted. 18 teachers in total were qualified for the government scholarship programs of studying abroad. In terms of teachers who were accepted, GMU will be regarded as the No 1 in all universities of Guizhou Province.

Four teachers from the 18, Miss Song Jue and Song Pingping and Mister Pan and Yu, were qualified for studying abroad in language through bilingual teacher language training programs which is held in Guangdong University of Foreign Studies before they applied for these programs. This language training program is their prerequisite for applying these studying abroad programs.