The Activity of 2017 Expert Group Offering Medical and Health Assistance to Guizhou Opens


In the morning of September 2nd, the 2017 expert group offering medical and health assistance to Guiyang entering Guiyang brings the official activity opening. Sun Zhigang, Guizhou Provincial Party Secretary and Governor of Guizhou Provincial People's Government delivered an instructive speech. Wang Peian, Deputy Director of the National Health and Family Planning Commission, and Li Zaiyong, Member of the standing committee of Guizhou Provincial Committee, and Party Secretary of Guiyang, attend and address the opening ceremony.

During the three-day event, the expert group including 9 academicians and other 239 experts will be supporting the development of the medical and health care reform in Guizhou through academic forums, theme lectures, academic communication, surgery teaching, etc.

“The expert group offering medical and health assistance to Guizhou” is organized by the provincial government with the support of the National Health and Family Planning Commission, which focus on supporting intelligence assistance, technical assistance and subject building to improve the health service quality of Guizhou.

The medical and health support activity is the largest, most extensive and most close to the people's livelihood needs since the expert group has been organized to serve Guizhou. The aim is to cultivate a batch of high-level medical talents for Guizhou and introduces a batch of advanced diagnosis and treatment techniques to build 2 or 3 top clinical key specialty in west China which is also influential in the domestic in 5 years, improving the medical and health care in Guizhou comprehensively with the support of the medical expert group.

So far, there are 806 experts who joined the expert group with 198 specialists to guide the medical and health institutions in Guizhou. They have not only trained 530 talents including post doctors, doctors and key doctors but also guided them to carry out 25 items of scientific research, conduct diagnosis and treatment work, which effectively improve the clinical ability of our medical and health institutions and benefit people in Guizhou.

In this activity, our university and the affiliated hospitals actively implemented the instructions of the provincial government spirit, inviting 4 academicians and other specialists to join and contribute to the activity. The 4 academicians respectively are: Liu Depei,the standing committee of the twelfth National People's Congress, member of Education, Science, Culture and Public Health Committee, former vice President of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, former President of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences (Dean of Peking Union Medical College); Lin Dongxin ,Director of Department of Medical Oncology, Cancer Institute& Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences & Peking Union Medical College; Liao Wanqing, The director of the institute of dermatology and fungal diseases of Shanghai Chang Zheng Hospital;Wang Zhengguo from Third Military Medical University.