Vice President Luo Peng Pays a Visit to Universities in Taiwan

In the past few years, Guizhou Medical University (GMU) has been in close relations with colleges and universities in Taiwan and has sent more than 50 students to Taiwan on exchange programs. Both sides have shared experience and advanced ideas inmany fields such as discipline construction,curriculum design,intern programs and student management. This August,Luo Peng,vice president of GMU, accompanied by heads of Science and Technology Division, School of Biological Engineering,School of Pharmacy,School of Forensic Medicine,School of Stomatology,School of Food Safety and Division ofInternational Relations,paid a visit to universities in Taiwan including Fooyin University, ChungChou University ofScience&Technology, Chia Nan University of Pharmacy & Science and Providence University.

The GMU delegation first visited Fooyin University and had a symposium with them, in which Luo made a historical review of bilateral exchanges in the past years. He says thatthose exchanges are very successful and GMU are willing to deepen exchange and cooperation in scientific research for health food and biopharmacy. Both sides made an introduction oftheir curriculum design,teaching and employment,looking for possibilities of future cooperation. After the symposium, the delegationmade a tour in the campus and got to know better about their Department of Health-care&Nutritionin terms ofits research direction, laboratory equipment and latest research outputs.

In Chia Nan University of Pharmacy & Science, Luo asked about the life and study of GMU exchange students there.Both sides are planning to carry out more cooperation on teacher exchanging and trainingprograms.The delegation also made a tour in the campus and got to know more about the university.

In Chung Chou University of Science &Technology (CCUST),cooperation programs about teacher exchanging, student exchanging, summer camping and sports meeting were discussed and an agreement on holding academic seminars was reached. During the tour in the campus, the delegation was impressed and inspired by the achievements CCUST has made in continuing education, management of qualifications and health food development.

In  Providence University (PU), Jiang Shanzong, vice president of PU, made an introduction of their brand majors, scientific researches and internationalization while Luo introduced the development of our newly-foundSchoolof Big Health.Cooperation agreements on food, cosmetics medicine and preventive medicine were discussed.Two universities both appointed people to bedirectly responsible for the cooperation plans which will make exchange programs in the future easier and more convenient.The delegation ended their visit with a tour to the PU library,stadium and Department of Nutriology.