The Key Lab of GMU Welcomes the Inspection of Wan Gang

On August 10th, Wan Gang, vice chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), chairmen of the China Association for Science andMinister of Science and Technology, accompanied by He Li, governor of Guizhou Province, Xie Xiaorao, vice chairman of Guizhou CPPCC,inspected the Key Laboratory of Chemistry for Natural Productsof Guizhou Medical University (hereinafter referred to as the lab).

Li Dezhu, director of the lab, first briefed the inspection group about the development of the lab. Wan put forward four instructions for the development of the lab. Firstly, there should be distinct subject characteristics and creative research approaches; secondly, the operational and service systems should be opened up, have less restrictions and recruit more good teams from all over the country; thirdly, there should behigh standards and goodmechanisms to encourage competition; fourthly, everyone in the lab should work hard and concentrate on researchonly. He also emphasized that the lab should build up GMU characteristics and try to make breakthroughs in scientific and technological reform.

The inspection group also made a tour to the labs of the Liang Guangyi Team and Yaacov Ben-David Team, asking about the research work there.