China-ASEAN International Exchange Forum on Heath Big Data and Green Medical Care is Opened

In the morning of August 2, 2016, the opening ceremony for China-ASEANInternational Exchange Forum on Heath Big Data and Green Medical Care which is one of the forums in the Ninth China-ASEANE ducation Cooperation Week was successfully held in the second chamber at the first floor of Zhongtian Hyatt Hotel, International Eco Conference Center of Guiyang.

Mr. He Li, the deputy governor of Guizhou Province, Mr. Wang Zhengguo, a member of Chinese Academy of Engineering and a professor of Third Military Medical University, Mr. Liao Wanqing, a member of Chinese Academy of Engineering and a doctor of Shanghai Changzheng Hospital, Mr. Tang Chuangyi,president of Providence University in Taiwan, Miss. Danna, president assistant of Maejo University in Thailand, and leader groups from Guizhou Medical University were presented at the ceremony. This ceremony also attracted many foreign guests from Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, United States and Canada, many leader groups and experts of universities, science research institutes and companies from China mainland, China Hong Kong and China Taiwan. Teachers and students from Guizhou Medical University also attended the ceremony. This ceremony was hosted by president He Zhixu.

During the ceremony, Governor He Li extended a warm welcome to all guests on behalf of the provincial commission and government and gave a brief introduction of health big data and medical care. He believed that this forum will promote an in-depth communication between China and ASEAN countries on the health industry of green medical care and be a platform for the internationalization of big health data in education and medical care of Guizhou Province.

Mr. Lin Changhu, secretary of the Party committee of Guizhou Medical University, and Miss. Danna who is on behalf of ASEAN addressed in the ceremony. Lastly, Governor He Li announced that the forum was opened from now.