The Leaders of China Association for International Education (CAFSA) Have a Visit in Guizhou Medical University

Recently, accompanied by vice president Luo Peng, Yu Shucheng, deputy secretary of CAFSA and president of (study in China) overseas preparatory education union, and Wo Guocheng, secretary of Shanghai International Students Education Management Association and (study in China)Overseas Preparatory Education Union, had a visit for international students education in Guizhou Medical University.

The group, presented by Yu Shucheng, visited the international students’ dormitory of School of Overseas Education, the School-history Museum and Life-science Museum. Guizhou Medical University got all credit for its good environment for international students, splendid history, favorable atmosphere for teaching and learning from the group.

The principal members of Division of International Relations &School of Overseas Education gave a report to the delegation in the meeting. Vice president Luo Penghadan in-depth communication with Yu Shucheng on how to improve the quality of international students’ management and how to apply for the assessment for the quality of international students studying in China. Experts from this group suggested that Guizhou Medical University should be a member of (study in China)Overseas Preparatory Education Union which will help Guizhou Medical University to recruit international students from the globe by means of publicity on their website. The further discussion also included how to widen the channel of recruiting international students and enroll better quality international students. At the end of the meeting, they left the hope that we can expand the international students’ education and offer more degrees for international students especially innursing,pharmacy and others.

After the meeting, president He Zhixu gave thanks for their visit to Guizhou Medical University and believed that we will make a great progress in international students’ education under the guidance of CAFSA.