GMU Students Win Prizes in National Contest

OnJune 4th, the Sixth National College Students E-commerce “Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship” Challenge Contest, hosted by the Education Department Of Guizhou Province, co-organized by Guizhou Normal University, the Administrative Committee of Huaxi University Town, Guian New District, was held in Guizhou Normal University.

There were 60 teams from the whole province and after fiercecompetitionstudents from Guizhou Medical University won several prizes. Wei Xiang Postpartum Care Center presented by School of Nursing won a provincial first prize. Happy Kitchen presented by School ofBasicMedical Sciences, Animal Aid PlatformPresented by School of Nursing, and the Marketing Mode for B2C (a RapidDetectionKit for Food Safety)presented by School of Biological Engineering all won a provincial third prize. GMU won theExcellence Organization Prize.