Working Conference for the 9th China--ASEAN Education Cooperation Week

On May, 19th, the first working conference for the 9th China--ASEAN Education Cooperation Week was held in Guizhou Medical University (GMU). Luo Peng, vice president of GMU, hosted the conference. Lin Changhu, secretaryofparty committeeof GMU, Zhan Yong, deputysecretaryofparty committee of GMU, andRan Jiangzhou, vice President of GMU attended themeetingandmadeimportantspeeches.


The 9th China--ASEAN Education Cooperation Week, co-hosted by MinistryofForeignAffairs, MinistryofEducation and government of Guizhou Province, will be held in Guizhou from August 1st to 7th. Linstresses theimportanceofhosting this event and he hopes that the university can take advantageofthisplatformto furtherexpand our exchangesandcooperationin education,scientificresearchandpersonnelexchangeswith the ASEAN countries.He also says that people of GMU should join hands and work hard to present a successful and splendid education cooperation week.